Why Android is Better Than iPhone

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

Why Android is Better Than iPhone

Recently Updated!
This article was just recently updated with new information on September 22, 2017 after the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Recently, there have been releases/announcements of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel, LG G6, HTC 10, and many other phones. Each release of a phone is like a single Mentos being dropped into a 2-liter of Coke -- a new explosion of debate that overwhelms the social network about who has the "best" phone. Android! No, iOS! Galaxy S8! No, iPhone 8! The debate goes on and on.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I want to say this. I am not an "Apple hater", and never have been. I currently own an Android phone (a Galaxy S7 Edge), I have a Windows based desktop at both work and home, I own a Macbook Pro, a Windows laptop, and I have an iPad Pro at work. I prefer to "coexist" when it comes to all the operating systems and devices out there, and I use what fits my needs as everyone should. So, before any iFans come in here looking to heckle this article, please don't. I love my Macbook Pro and the iPad I use at work. I just believe that an Android phone is better than an iPhone, and I'll state my reasons why.

*deep breath* Okay, that's done. Now, the reason why I am writing this article is because of some of the articles I have seen shared around the social media sites. For example, an article titled 5 reasons iPhone still beats Android on The Daily Dot. Perhaps you've read it already because it was shared over 273,000 times a few years ago when I first wrote this article.

I personally believe the 5 reasons listed in the article as to why the iPhone still beats Android are pathetic at best, and don't focus on hardware at all which is, well, extremely important considering your entire phone IS hardware without taking into account what software is running on the phone. The article's 5 reasons focus on consistency, the Apple App Store, malware in the marketplace, "crapware", and home base. You can read more details about each reason in the article. All the reasons are software based or have to deal with items pertaining to how Apple does things. Not convincing at all.

Now, my turn to tell you why an Android phone is better than an iPhone:

1. Choices, choices, and more choices...

When you choose an Android phone, you have what seems like an endless amount of choices for phones. Do you want a phone that does everything phones normally do along with taking extremely good pictures? Buy a phone whose main focus is the camera. Do you want a rugged phone that could withstand being dropped many times? Do you want a phone that has a 4K resolution screen rather than a 720-1080p screen? Do you want a phone with a smaller or bigger form factor? Android phones cover all this plus so much more. That's the beauty of Android phones -- you can get the one that fits you.

With an iPhone, well, it's just an iPhone. Whatever it has in it is what you get. Sure you might get 2 or 3 options for a smaller or bigger phone that have slightly different hardware but that's it. The camera, screen, internal hardware, etc. is going to be the same on a model to model basis. For example, you can't buy an iPhone that has a high megapixel camera like Android users can with the Sony Xperia Z5.

2. Customization

My favorite part about Android phones -- customization. If you enjoy being able to customize your phone, then Android is absolutely the way to go. Don't like the standard keyboard that Android comes with? Easy! Just download a third-party keyboard app that replaces the stock one. Don't like the entire launcher that runs your phone? Download a new launcher. Want to make your phone have a layout exactly like a Windows phone? Yep, you can do that, too.

Where has this been with iOS? Well, Apple likes to keep things simple and user-friendly which is fine. Why then, with the release of each iOS version, does Apple copy many things that Android has had for a long time now?

"If you want a phone with all the latest features from 2 years ago, buy an iPhone."

Predictive text on your messages, a health app, third-party keyboards, Swype texting, cloud storage for all your photos, widgets, and more. Android (thanks to Google) had all of these features long before Apple released them with new iOS versions. After all, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". It's safe to say that the majority of the latest and greatest software features can be found with Android and Apple is always behind. Android wins.

3. Hardware

I believe that the hardware category really solidifies the debate between Android and Apple. People can argue all day about what software (operating system) is better for this reason or that, but you can't argue better and faster hardware for a cheaper price.

For simplicity's sake, I am only going to focus on two phones for this category: the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ since they are the current flagship phones for both Apple and Samsung. Keep in mind the iPhone X was released in November of 2017, and the Galaxy S8+ was released in April of 2017 which means the iPhone X is 7 months newer. In the table below, you will see both phones listed along with their hardware specs:

Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S8+
Operating system iOS 11 Android 8.0 (Oreo)
Processor Apple A11 Bionic Chip Octa-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Screen size 5.8 in 6.2 in
Screen resolution 2436 x 1125 2960 x 1440
Pixel density 459ppi 529ppi
Screen type OLED AMOLED
Rear camera, video 12 megapixels; f/1.8; 4K HD video 12 megapixels; f/1.7; 4K HD video
Front-facing camera 7 megapixels 8 megapixels
Memory card slot N/A MicroSD
NFC Yes Yes
Size 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm
Weight 6.14 oz (174g) 6.10 oz (173g)
Battery capacity Unknown 3,500 mAh
Removable battery No No
Water-resistant Yes, IP 67 Yes, IP 68
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
3.5mm Jack (Aux) No Yes

As you can see from the spec comparison, the Galaxy S8+ is superior to the iPhone X despite being 7 months older than the iPhone X. The Galaxy S8+ boasts some impressive specs, and not to mention how good it looks. The Galaxy S8+ is bigger than the iPhone X (dimension-wise), has a 6.2 inch screen (0.4" bigger than the iPhone X), and still weighs less than the iPhone X. With specs such as an octa-core processor, more RAM, more battery capacity (as far as we know), a higher PPI, the phone being more water-resistant, and the fact it has both a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, it should be a no-brainer that the Galaxy S8+ is the clear winner when it comes to hardware.

In fact, check out my phone comparisons from previous years: Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3 vs HTC One (M8) spec comparison - You'll see that the iPhone 6 doesn't win a single category other than the "Dimensions/Weight" category with being 1 mm thinner and 0.45 oz lighter than the Galaxy S5.

You can also check out my latest phone spec comparison that I wrote in September of 2015: Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 vs HTC One (M9)

4. The Google Play™ Store

Android Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is fantastic. It is well laid out, extremely user-friendly, and offers about any type of app that you can think of. Their latest layout change to a very nice UI when you click on an app in the Play Store (that you can see with the right-most "Instagram" picture above) is beautiful. It's easy to read, they show the users what they want to see, and it's visually appealing. I have used both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store quite a bit. Apple just recently updated their App Store with iOS 11. They're both very good app stores -- better than Amazon's App Store that's for sure.

That's not where the advantage comes in for Android, however. The advantage here is that submitting an app to the Google Play Store is much easier than going through the Apple App Store. Yes, that is because Apple goes through a tedious process of checking your app that you are submitting to make sure it follows their guidelines. This may prevent malware from being downloaded via an app, but that's not even half of it. Apple will deny your app from getting into the app store if you do something as silly as using their "chevron" symbol incorrectly. Trust me, I've seen it happen. So, no, it's not just about preventing malware... it's about making your app perfect in Apple's eyes.

On the other hand, it is much easier to submit your Android-built app to the Google Play Store. You don't have to go through half the stuff that you have to go through with Apple. This makes your life less stressful, and I like that. How many people do you actually know that have malware on their phone specifically from an app they downloaded from the app store? I don't know anyone. Besides, has common sense just flown out the window in this day and age? The Internet isn't filtered from malware, so do you go to a website that screams "THIS IS A VIRUS!"? No, it's just common sense. If there's an app that says "Hey! This is a virus, you should probably download it so I can hack you", do you download it? No. Just like if you're buying an item online, if you are debating about buying an item, do you buy the item that is rated 4.5/5 stars by 2,000 people or the item that is rated 1.5/5 stars by 700 people? Use common sense people, and bask in the glory of how easy it is to get your newly created Android app into the Google Play Store for everyone to see.

5. Widgets & Multitasking

Android Home Screen Custom Widgets

This somewhat ties in with the Customization section, but Widgets have long been a huge advantage of Android over iOS. With iOS 8, Apple finally just implemented "widgets", but they are pretty limited. You can only add them to your Notification Center. Apple opted not to have widgets available on any of your main home screens to "avoid clutter". Um, what? Having widgets on my Android home screens is one of my favorite things about Android.

Android offers all sorts of widgets that you can put onto your home screens. These widgets might be anything from a custom clock, weather, alarms, direct calls to contacts in your phone, flashlight, email, messages, and so much more. You can arrange these any which way on your home screens and have your home screens be exactly the way you want them.

Android Marshmallow Multitasking

Multitasking has also been around on Android for a while, and it's extremely easy to use. You simply open up the multitask window and you can drag two apps that you want to have going at the same time in the appropriate boxes (see the picture above). For example, I am watching a YouTube video while accessing my file system at the same. Perhaps you want to watch a lecture video while taking notes right below the video? Or, watch a video while texting your friends? Go for it.

**Note: Apple finally came out with the ability to multitask, however it is only somewhat useful on iPads, and not implemented very well. Since Android has had multitasking for so long and do it so well, they still take the cake over iOS.

6. Expandable Memory and More

The majority of Android phones offer expandable memory. That means you can pop open the back cover or a slot on the side of your phone and put in a micro SD card which then becomes added memory to your phone. What does Apple do? Well, they've never offered expandable memory for the iPhone. Instead, they would rather you pay another $100 to upgrade one of their devices from a 16 GB memory to a 32 GB or 64 GB (like an iPod for example). Are you serious? I took my Galaxy S7 Edge with 32 GB of internal memory and added another 64 GB micro SD card in it and voila! My phone now has 96 GB of capacity and how much did that cost me? $19 for the SD card. Android wins.

7. User Serviceable (Removable) Battery

Android Galaxy S5 Open Back

Not all, but many of the Android phones out there will have a removable battery that you yourself can take out and replace or service to your liking. After you use a phone a while, the battery will start to lose its original capacity. It's not a matter of if the battery life starts getting bad, it's a matter of when. It's just how batteries work. They go through enough charge cycles and then they can only hold a certain percentage of their original capacity.

So, say you've had an iPhone for a long time and it doesn't last long at all before it needs a charge. Well, too bad, you'll have to go to the Apple store or some store that can service it or you'll just have to live with it. If your Android phone has a removable battery, you can just hop on over to Amazon and buy a generic battery for your type of phone (around $20 usually) and pop it in. Then your phone's battery is like new again.

In fact, LG just announced a neat feature where you get a separate battery if you purchase the LG G5. If you run out of battery, all you have to do is push a switch and the entire battery and base comes out of the phone and you can replace it with your second fully charged battery and base. Easy user swappable features on phones - can't wait to see what comes next!

8. Universal Chargers

All hail micro USB chargers! They are the standard charger on tons of devices out there including Android phones. Left your charger at home and you're on vacation or something? Have no fear, chances are someone has a micro USB charger for some device of theirs which will charge your phone up just fine.

What does Apple have? Well, they decided it would be cool to be different and have these "lightning" cables. Not only are these different and only usable for Apple devices, but they changed to the "lightning" cable from the old 30-pin charger that charges older iPhones and iPads. So, now you have to go and buy their new "updated" charger if you want to charge your new Apple device because that 30-pin charger sure won't fit! Why?! Why would Apple do this? Oh, because it means they'll make a fortune selling chargers because they're so specific to their devices and with their shoddy quality (I'm on my 4th Macbook Pro charger and 3rd iPad charger), you'll just have to keep buying and buying. They love it!

I've been using the same micro USB charger for my Samsung phones for over 2 years now with no problems. Can't say the same for my Apple chargers. Want to debate the shoddy quality of all of Apple's chargers? Well, have a look for yourself at the reviews:

The three main chargers for iPads, iPhones, and Macbook Pros. Rated an average of 1.5 out of 5 stars by 2,000+ people. I've never seen ratings so low on products coming from a company that focuses so much on their quality. Not to mention, they charge $19 for the 1m Lightning to USB, $29 for the 2m Lightning to USB, and $79 for the MagSafe 2 charger. It's thievery.

9. Durability

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

This is more specifically aimed at the Galaxy Note 3 vs. the iPhone 6 Plus debate that went on a few years ago. Since there are so many Android phones out there, there's no way to measure the durability of all Android phones. Some are made with durable materials, others aren't. However, Samsung especially got a lot of heat for making their phones (Galaxy S5 for example) out of polycarbonate (tough plastic) rather than aluminum like the iPhone and some other phones. The Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge now are made out of durable aluminum with glass fronts and backs. Samsung and other companies have really stepped up when it comes to the materials they make their phones out of.

Take the bend tests that were done a couple years ago on an iPhone 6 Plus and a Galaxy Note 3. Haven't seen them? Check out the links below:

With the iPhone 6 Plus being such a large piece of aluminum, it's no wonder it bends and stays bent. Plastic doesn't do that. You can try bending it out of shape, but it will retain its original shape rather than staying bent.

Besides, how many of you use a case on your phone? I'm assuming quite a few. I always have a case on my phone. What are cases made out of? Plastic. So the haters of the Galaxy S5 and other polycarbonate phones can hate on plastic all you want, but it's proven tough!

Lastly, the Galaxy S5 I used to own never bent and stayed bent when I kept it in my pocket for a long period of time. Just sayin'.

10. Other Features

This section refers to other features that certain Android phones offer that iPhones don't... until the iPhone 7. They are like the "cherry on top" of all of the other features listed. For example, certain Android phones have some or all of the following features:

  • Water and dust resistant - Update: The iPhone 7 now is water/dust resistant (2 years after Android had it), but is only IP67 certified. The Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified which is better.
  • Wireless/fast charging - Update: The iPhone X now has the ability to be wirelessly charged - several years after Android had it.
  • IR (infrared) blaster to control devices
  • Haptic feedback - Update: The iPhone 7 now has haptic feedback - 2 years after Android had it.
  • Ability to access all your files by using your phone as a mass storage device
  • And more...

Like I said, not all Android phones have all these things (some have just a few or none), but the Galaxy S8 has all of the things mentioned (except the IR blaster). The iPhone 7 was the only iPhone to have had any of those things mentioned to this date when it was released. The Galaxy S5 had all these things several years ago...


All in all, both Android phones and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages. I could write an article about some iPhone advantages over an Android phone as well, but the Android advantages way overpower the advantages that you get with an iPhone in my opinion. If you enjoy the advantages listed in this article such as having an abundance of phone choices, customization, better hardware, and expandable memory just to name a few, go with an Android phone. If you enjoy a simple, more user-friendly interface for someone who may not be as technical and don't like having a bunch of customization options, go with an iPhone. Just know that you aren't getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Samsung, LG, Sony, and other major companies have started to outdo Apple, especially in the hardware department, and Apple has some catching up to do if they hope to keep competing with other flagship phones. The best part is, all of these companies coming out with great phones constantly heats up the competition, and competition is great for us consumers. Competition is what brings us these cutting-edge technologies, phones, operating systems, and prices at such a fast pace.

With the market share of Apple phones at 23.10% in 2016, while continuing to go downhill consistently, it's starting to tell you something. Android is the way to go.

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  1. Very informative and a pleasure to read. Agree with all of your points and with the conclusion that androids top iphone in many categories.

    1. Post
      1. Even if the s5 has better specs, the iPhone has WAY faster benchmark tests
        Apple iPhone 6s 59075
        Samsung Galaxy S6 58382
        Apple iPhone 6 50888
        Samsung Galaxy S5 36603

        GFXBench T-Rex HD on-screen
        Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 39
        Apple iPhone 6s 59.1
        Samsung Galaxy S6 37
        Apple iPhone 6 48.9
        Samsung Galaxy S5 27.8
        Apple iPhone 6 Plus 40.9

        GFXBench Manhattan on-screen
        Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 15
        Apple iPhone 6s 56.1
        Samsung Galaxy S6 16
        Apple iPhone 6 25.8
        Samsung Galaxy S5 11.7
        Apple iPhone 6 Plus 18.4

        Basemark OS II
        Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 1842
        Apple iPhone 6s 2139
        Samsung Galaxy S6 1767
        Apple iPhone 6 1239
        Samsung Galaxy S5 1054
        Apple iPhone 6 Plus 1382

        1. Post

          You only posted a few benchmark comparisons in a few areas. There are other areas where a multi-core Snapdragon processor really would shine like multitasking. Also, why are you posting benchmarks of the latest iPhone against a generation old Samsung? The latest Samsung phone is the Galaxy S7, not the Galaxy S6, and you’re comparing the latest iPhone (the iPhone 6S) with other older Samsungs which doesn’t make sense. You’ll find that the S7 has caught up and exceeds the latest iPhone in many areas.

        2. your comment is garbage because you can boost the speed on your phone without having to void your warrenty xD unlike with iphone…

      2. apple i phone users are greedy & fool, they live on dark side of their poor views. As per example mac operating systems (pc) & i phone operating systems are very outdated in features, lack up to date applications & huge scarcity of applications . Except pride of pricey crap piece, i phone owners are fools .

        1. you cant just say that all iphone users are fools and if you love android and find it better than apple that doesnt mean you have to hate apple dear ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Nobody said anything about “hating” Apple. At the end of the day, it’s the consumers preference. Android is exceptional, Apple is good.

      3. Additionally Apple does not ballow simple things that you take for granted in Android—like deleting pictures that you have saved, accessing folders or creating on etc etc.

      4. If you watch youtube videos on waterproof test on the iphone 7 and samsung s7 the iphone lasts longer than 30 minutes and can go deeper than 1 meter while samsung when around 20th minute it dies and plus you state that iphone just had storage backup when ios8 came out if you do your research the icloud backup storage was there since the first iphone. you can also expand your memory on iphone to unlimited if you want. customizing your keyboard was there for a really long time on iphone not just when ios 8 came out

        1. Post

          The Samsung S7 has a better waterproof rating than the iPhone 7. IP68 vs IP67 – just Google it. When I talked about expandable memory in the post, I was talking about physical expandable memory, meaning you can add an SD card to many Android phones to expand the memory on the phone… iPhone does not have that. So I’m not sure what you meant by saying “you can also expand your memory on iPhone to unlimited if you want” – with cloud storage? Sure. Physical storage? No you can’t. Cloud storage is completely different.

          1. One of the important factors you left out was cost. From what I’ve read, a new Samsung with features comparable to the new iPhone is less expensive. Is that true?

          2. Post

            Based on what I’ve seen in the past, yes. However, carriers always are running different deals on phones where you can buy 1, get 1 free, or get a certain phone free for switching to them, etc. So I guess it depends, but generally… yes, a new Samsung phone that has comparable features to an iPhone will be less.

        2. Sure icloud, except someone didn’t mention that you need to pay more for more storage. Not everyone can or want to throw money away like you. Plus, we get an sd card for like what 20 bucks and we can use it for our phone then if we need use it for a digital camera too or just swap it into a new android phone and go on with our day. On the other hand I get a new iphone i wand my data back to my phone I have to wait sometime hours just for it to sync to iphone. And don’t even get me start on how my data is most probably gone if I have no other backup source and icloud is also corrupted. Oh wait, I know, there is a way to get you data back. Pay Apple MORE MONEY!!!!Such an absolutely brilliant idea allow apple execs to laugh all the way to the bank and back. Just tells me you have too much time and money to throw away

        3. The first iPhone came out in 2007,
          while iCloud was introduced in 2011.
          So 4 years and 4 months passed since the first iPhone
          hit the market untill a cloud storage came out.

          source: Worked for Apple

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  4. %100 disagree with this artical. iPhones offers outstanding quality that you will never find in a android phone. Android overloads itself with all these useless options & customizations, it often leaves you feeling cluttered and just all around less engaged in what really matters in a phone. Not, “oh hey look I can make my keyboard color red” or all the other crap that really has nothing to do with quality and doesn’t actually improve a users experience. I’ve had both android phones and iPhones & %100 of the time I will always go with the iPhone. I like how I feel my iPhone is very personal to me, an experience I’ve never felt with any android phone. While the android just fills like another cheap gadget like all the rest of the androids. And also one other thing this post didn’t mention is that Android, LTC, and Samsung are basically the same thing made buy same people and made buy almost the same parts, all while being three separate companies. You can’t say the same for the iPhone. If you get the iPhone you expect a more unique experience, which they really do show in there beautiful products.

    1. Post

      I appreciate your critique! If you’re talking about hardware quality, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have outstanding quality for their hardware just as the iPhone 6 and 6s do. Samsung made a major change in focusing on their hardware to make the Galaxy truly feel like a premium phone which is something Samsung had not done the greatest with in the past. You mentioned Android overloads itself with all these useless options & customizations. If you’re referring to bloatware that comes on some Android devices (junk apps that come preloaded), then yes I would say that is a downfall of some Android devices. But, recent Android devices have taken that into account and gotten rid of the bloatware – just check out the new Nexus phones that Google announced recently. However, if you’re talking about some of the customizations that Android can do being useless, then I highly disagree with you. “Hey look I can make my keyboard color red” has nothing to do with the true customizations that are available on Android devices. I can tweak basically any little setting I want to customize my phone to be tailored to me – iPhones not so much. Why not have the ability to tweak your phone rather than not having at all? If it’s just some hidden setting, you don’t have to ever touch it. But, if you find out you do want to tweak it, that option is there.

      Obviously Apple thought custom keyboards were a very useful feature considering they finally supported custom keyboards with iOS 8 after Android powered devices had them for a long time prior to that. With each iPhone release, I tend to see more and more changes made that copy what Android phones have had for a year or two now. That has to tell you something.

      Also, I’m not quite sure what you meant by “Android, LTC, and Samsung are basically the same thing made my the same people”… Android is the software that runs on the phone and has nothing to do with the hardware and Android doesn’t “make phones”. Their software runs on the phone. I’m not sure what LTC is either… perhaps you were referring to LG or HTC? Either way, all those phones are pretty significantly different in how they are made, what features they offer, etc.

      I’m curious as to how you can “100%” disagree with this article when many Android phones offer a user-removable battery and many also offer a microSD slot so users can update their memory on their phone for very cheap rather than paying an arm and a leg for more internal memory. I don’t see how those things could ever be a disadvantage.

      1. I truly agree with your concept. As you said earlier, there are many things that an iPhone does’nt have when compared to an android phone. many people prefer to android phones including you. But, what about a phone with all features those lack in an iPhone that will exist with simply changing the OS to iOs? You just think about it.
        and I am sure that apple will built a phone which overcomes all the disadvantages which it had. In future, the apple leads a whole new way to make life simple and then, every one will change their phones to iPhones.

    2. The one who disagrees is a major crApple fanboy. They’ll argue all day that, oooo you don’t need to change your keyboard color,you don’t need to customise your phone, but as soon as we talk about the uselessness of ASSistive Touch, they get all touchy.

    3. I’m not an expert but I partially agree with you. I recently switched from Samsung S5830 to an Iphone 3GS ( I like old models :-))
      Before that I used to snub Apple and all their products just because I wasn’t informed
      The question is that phones are made for different people with different needs and tastes (like Depeche Mode said :-D)
      The customization of the phone is a “mirror for larks” I tell you that because I WAS OBSESSED with customization..i spent hours seeking for best apps which were integrated for example in older flip phones in early 2000’s
      In my case I used to download several apps for essential options while Iphone HAS THEM INTEGRATED YET.
      RAM is integrated too but u can choose your amount of GB even in a model of 2009 like 3GS!
      Apple Store is limited for that reason: most important apps like “Calls-SMS- Reminder – Email Notifications” or Call Restrictions are already present.
      Google play is “open source” but it has useless app sometimes in my opinion
      Anyway I don’t think Apple is better than Android y…Android still has their advantages expecially in terms of money and innovation

      1. Post
    4. I agree other of that. But apple hardware is better than android hardware, overhead always happen on android phone and apple phone is much faster. Android has expandable storage because android phone only have maximum 64 GB of storage and apple phone has maximum of 128 GB of storage. The last is the charger, you don’t need to buy a new charger. If you buy a new iPhone/iPad, it always comes with a lightning charger for apple device. You no need to spend other money just to buy a cable. The lightning cable always free when you buy a new apple device.

      1. Post

        Regardless of how much internal storage an Android phone might have vs. an iPhone. How much does Apple charge for you to go from a 32GB phone to a 128GB phone? An arm and a leg (right now it’s $100 to go from 32GB to 128GB – ridiculous). If an Android phone started out at 64GB internal storage and had expandable memory, all they would have to do is buy another 64GB SD card which is less than $20 on Amazon and they have 128GB worth of storage. This makes Android phones much more cost effective. Also, every single Android phone I’ve purchased comes with its own free charger, too. Why wouldn’t it? And Android phones use a universal charger with the microUSB charger.

    5. What a biased comment. And how many spelling-mistakes.
      iPhone’s have an amazing performance, it’s true.
      But saying that customization doesn’t improve personalization
      and user experience is quite naive.

      I like how I can choose a really good phone, but that is not the first buy option in my country and get a unique cover, personalize the theme. Some android phones have insane cameras (Google pixel 2, Samsung s8, LG V30, Nokia pureview 800). Others have insane sound. Others like kyocera duraforce and caterpillar are really resilient and touch. Then there’s some with insane super Amoled 4K screens also apt for vitual reality. Take that smartphones for Android often combine at least 4 out of 7 amazing qualities and that for me gives the edge.

      There’s probably a reason Samsung has sold more phones this year.

      I have sensitive eyes, so an all black keyboard really improves the user experience for me. Besides I have launchers so I can choose to have widgets and some apps on the screen, just 3 aps, or none, leaving just the background, weather & clock widget and the tray launcher where I can have all the apps.

      The LG V30 is amazing, and after the Google pixel 2 has the best camera out there with tons of features, great detail, etc. 4 layer DAC sound, able to record crisp clear in loud concerts, military grade build.

      iPhone, despite its all-round experience with great tech support, and software that complements hardware and user-friendliness in an Apple environment, is locked, not that unique an user-experience, and often falls 1-1,5 behind in features Android phones have come out with.

  5. I have been using very cheap Andriods for the last couple years, and I must agree with you. I believe that they are by far better values, considering I bought a nice LG phone for under a $100, and it matches the speed of my iPad Air, and it’s multi tasking features help me more that just double tapping the home button to switch apps. I really enjoyed your article, but I must say that the App Store has more available apps, and android doesn’t usually get them for a few weeks, but otherwise I completely agree about the specs, the operating system, etc.(I do however prefer a Apple’s fingerprint scanner since it is more reliable than s5(NOT S6)

    1. Post

      Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you agree with many of the points made. I would certainly agree with you about how Apple’s fingerprint scanner is much more reliable than the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner. I’ve used both and really enjoy Apple’s fingerprint scanner. If I ever wrote a blog post highlighting Apple’s advantages over Android phones, that would be one of them.

    2. Since I am writing a blog, let me tell everyone this:
      The so called Quad-Co processors of SnapDragon in Android, they use this technique called big.LITTLE technology where all these Cores (which is four here ) are NOT EQUAL to handle the tasks. While the LITTLE cores use less power, they drain the battery less(hence the better battery in androids) but at the same time, they make the process SLOWER. The big cores use more power when they perform a task but uses more battery. Hence if you play a game in android, your battery will drain like sand out of your palms but it’s not the case in iPhone. The A8( A9 now ) is a very balanced processor and although it’s architecture is not so modern, it accompanies more transistors and take up less space and Apple doesn’t follow this bigLITTLE concept, so , all the tasks , despite of the size , is given equal importance and Apple devices are a lot more smoother.
      Now the guy said Android has twice the megapixels. wow. Do you even know the mega-pixel is just the size of the photo and it has nothing to do with the quality of it. You compare any two images, Apple’s Camera is a jewel( which is a very very big topic) .


      1. Why don’t you compare your apple’s image with an Asus Zenfone 2 image, you’ll be able to figure out which one is a jewel.

        1. What is funny about android users, that they compare one iPhone to plenty of android phones… For example: iPhone has a outstanding quality? Here you are, let’s compare to Samsung S6… iPhone has a great camera? OK, let’s take a look at Asus Zenfone 2. Folks, are you using all the android phones at the same time? LOL

          1. Post

            It’s a comparison of iPhones (which run iOS) vs other phones (that run Android). There are hundreds of more phones that run the Android operating system on their phones vs. iPhones.

      2. You’re not right, but you’re not wrong either.

        I can’t really argue your statement about battery drain. Most Android devices will drain faster than an iPhone. The more recent OS update Marshmallow has made a HUGE improvement to that area. I’m running stock Marshmallow and I have amazing battery life, very comparable with the iPhone. Most of my battery drain comes from screen-on time, and not from processes. So I guess what I’m saying is: iPhone battery is better, unless you get a stock Android — then it’s comparable.

        Camera quality has long been a huge argument, and you’re absolutely right about megapixels not being everything; but, they do have their place! More megapixels does mean higher resolution image, which is a lot easier to manipulate and resize while retaining quality. One thing that has set Apple ahead though is the software aspect of their camera. The software for iPhones manages and adjust images very well, resulting in a more clean looking photo. However, if you compare the latest Androids (Nexus, Samsung, LG) against the latest iPhones — it’s easy to see a lot of the Androids are taking better photos with less grain and more accurate colors.

        I understand most people like Android for the customization, I am one of those people. And admittedly, I thought the iPhone 6 might redeem Apple’s capabilities of being a leading phone. More recently though with the latest Androids and the newer Android operating systems those thoughts are gone. There’s been a lot of big changes for Androids lately that have once again put Apple behind the rest.

        On a side note: even though I don’t use Samsung products, Samsung did overtake Apple in sales last quarter. That’s a scary outcome for Apple considering Samsung is only but one manufacture of Androids, meaning they don’t even get all of Android sales.

      3. Uhm with the recent samsung galaxy s7, its battery RULES, also, iphones take 720p photos, till in 2015 they changed it to 1080,… when samsung upgraded to 2k and now 4k, come at me bro

      4. I don’t get all technical like that but I have an HTC10 for work and a Galaxy S7 for personal and they both fly. My other half has an iphone 6 and it’s not significantly faster (if at all) I promise you.

        There was a time when the iphone left all other phones behind and perhaps that time will come again (maybe with the iphone 7 even since it juist got released).

        I love both my phones my only complaint is that if I could put what I like most about one with what I like most about the other I’d have the perfect phone. ๐Ÿ™

        The only things I don’t like about my galaxy are unlocking it (the HTC is much more intuitive and with a touch wakes and unlocks simultaneously) and texting. I swipe to text and HTC’s stock keyboard is way more accurate than Samsung’s. I haven’t added a third party keyboard because it irritates me to add an app for something that should b work right stock IMO. Everything else on the Galaxy is stellar. I have gripes about the HTC as well, for one I don’t like that they made it wider the previous models were the perfect size for me as is the Galaxy.

        Apple, windows Android they all have their place in the universe and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I have a PC, a windows laptop, an ipad, a Kindle Fire, and two android phones. Which is my favorite? If I’m at home my PC still reigns supreme because I’m a hardcore multitasker and nothing can surpass a desktop for multitasking to date. Having said that I use every one of them. I probably use the HTC the least because I don’t like carrying two phones so I forward it to the Galaxy. I don’t want to get too attached to it since I don’t actually own it.

        1. Post

          Thanks a lot for your reply Shannon! I am the same way. I use all sorts of devices for certain things – a Samsung phone, a Toshiba laptop, a Dell desktop computer, an iPad Pro, and a Macbook Pro. Honestly certain devices are just better for certain tasks, and certain devices are not so good for certain tasks. I just enjoy having all of them and using them when needed! Thanks again for your insight!

  6. Excellent discourses on the apple android diferences i have struggled to get clarity on this subject call me a big fan of this column and i will be looking for more

    1. Post
    1. Fantastic article, I agree with all of your points. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S5. I have had many different phones in the past (I lose phones a lot) but never an iPhone which I am proud of.

      I live with my parents who are both iPhone lovers. Now I can show them this to show why Android rules over iPhone ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Post

        Thanks James! I still own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and am more than happy with it. Looking into the Galaxy S7 which should be getting announced within a week or so. I’m constantly surrounded by iPhone lovers too, it’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I know. My whole family has has apple. Only my parents, brothers, and sisters are smart enough to have an s5 and s6. Androids eats apples

  8. I really like this article! My after school club in school actually had a debate on which is better. I used this article to help back me up in my point of view. I’m going to get a phone soon and I’m waiting to see your iPhone article. thanks!

    1. Post
  9. I also agree with you 100% Android is great in many differant ways on many differant phones but like when you said that android is a software and hardware is what makes the phone fast, bright, innovative, etc, I beleive that the way most Android phones beautiful mix hardware and software is what makes most of them great. Im not going to lie that Apple does have things that they do better than Android, but in my opinion, Android phones (more specificly Samsung) are most favorable to me and many other people that Iv’e heard of from Youtube and or Websites. Thank you for greatly describing some of the more apparent reasons that Android is more favorable amongst many others.

  10. I know this is old, however… Android puts apple in the weeds. I’m tired of being restricted by limitations of Apple. On my android device I can download directly from the web pretty much any and all zip files. You can’t do that with an apple device. Android = freedom… Apple = We make all your decisions for you

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Kevin! That’s a good way of putting it. Apple likes to create the boundaries and define what each of their users gets to do or not do with their phone… and you have to be within their “ecosystem” once you get Apple devices meaning that only Apple devices will work with other Apple devices rather than working with a bunch of different platforms. It can be very frustrating.

    2. What “Freedom” are you referring to? None of your data/ activities are secure or private as it is a well known fact that your activities on an android phone can easily be shared with companies.
      Also, the data and content in any apple phone is secure and can never be shared without your permission & Apple is playing a major role in fighting with the Fed around the security of the content around their devices.

  11. Hiya, I much agree with this blog, Apple may do a couple of things better, yet android, as Kevin said, is a more free, open phone which can give you the satisfaction of being able to be free on your own phone. I recently got a Samsung galaxy s6 for Christmas and love it, before that I had a iPhone 5s which in my opinion, was boring. The thumb sensor never worked correctly, the display was horrid and I was basically in a prison in my phone which angered me to the full extent. However, I do own a iPad Air, and I believe this to be much better than a Samsung tablet, but in the phone department android does topple iPhone over. Btw I absolutely loved this blog, it’s really in depth and I love the facts you pulled out, fantastic!!

    1. Post

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad to hear you like your Samsung Galaxy S6 over the iPhone 5S that you used to have… I haven’t heard much feedback from owners of the Galaxy S6 because I currently own the S5, so it’s good to hear some positive feedback. I am also with you on the tablet comment, though. I use an iPad Air 2 right now, and I would much prefer using this iPad over an Android tablet. Funny how that works. But hey, I really appreciate the compliment and glad to hear you enjoy the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Yeah it’s a great improvement, and when you get the chance definitely upgrade to the s6, although they kind of copied Apple a little bit, they pulled it off a lot better, I am annoyed however I don’t know if you can take the back of due to it being glass like a iPhone 4s, but will figure it out soon, thank you for replying

    Btw the s6 is quite pricey, it’s around ยฃ650 ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Post

      I might actually wait and see what the Galaxy S7 has to offer before I upgrade. I do have a friend that has the S6 and he loves it. However, yes, there are a few things Samsung did that were frustrating… such as taking away the external SD card slot to be able to expand your memory, and yes you cannot take the back off to access your battery anymore unfortunately. I’m sure it’s still a fantastic phone, though.

  13. Yes there are some leaked photos, but by the looks of it seems to be the same design as the s6, and yes that’s rather Annoying as I have I thing the 34gb but I have about 15 left and have barley used any of the space which is really Annoying

    1. Post

      That’s a good question! Maybe I’ll write a blog post on that. I’m an Xbox guy myself as well… I owned a Playstation 2, but then bought an Xbox 360 when those came out and have just stuck to Xbox since then.

  14. Yes I do own all next gen consoles, yet I stuck with the he Xbox one just because it was fun, it’s like the android of consoles, it’s more open and free, whereas the playstation is more like iOS, very closed and protective

    The whole reason I prefer Samsung is because, along with all of your points, Samsung isn’t so protective of their phones, they allow you to make your own mistakes, but give you softwares ( like cm security ) to learn from your mistakes and understand the whole concept of android. Where as iPhone is its own software, mean ing it’s harder to hack and get viruses, but that’s where it bores me.

  15. Absolutely…I don’t see why people who own iPhone act like they have the best! I mean I for one would never accept the latest even as a gift. if i do, i would sell it and buy Samsung instead :)) thanks by the way…greetings from Iran.

    1. Post
  16. 100% True! I’ve seen some comparisons between the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and iPhone 6S+, and the only advantage there was for the iPhone was the speed… barely. I’d rather have an OS that had more freedom, and endless possibilities, than having my apps open 0.0264 seconds faster.

    1. Post

      Hey Brad,

      I would have to agree with that. For single-threaded tasks on iPhones, they tend to have a slight speed advantage. However, anything that requires multi-tasking tends to be much quicker on an Android phone that has a processor with multiple cores. That being said, I would much rather all the advantages of an Android phone such as the Samsung Galaxy over an iPhone.

  17. Great blog TheCrambler. I really agree with what you said. Me, the reason I prefer Android over iPhone is because I like transferring music, videos, epub, pdf, etc. from my pc to my Android phone. I just copy/paste the files. That’s hard to do with iPhone. You have to use iTunes to transfer files from pc to iPhone. And I find iTunes not very user friendly.

    1. Post

      That’s another very good point. Transferring files and things is just simple with an Android phone… Apple doesn’t do well with showing the user the whole file system and being able to easily transfer files from A to B.

  18. I agree that androids had the superior hardware. They had better specs, customization and less limits. However, these are the reasons why I still prefer the iOS over the Android OS
    A.) The iPhone 6 takes half of ram to do things that the s5 does (and sometimes it does it even better since androids had the nasty habit of crashing new apps)
    B.) ios appstore is relatively safer compared to play store
    C.) iPhones are much more user friendly
    D.) iPhone’s capabalities doesnt deteriorate over time. A good example of this is the iPhone 4 which can still run heavy apps such as mortal kombat x and world of tanks blitz
    F.) Its much more reliable and it runs smoother than the Android
    Also, androids gets viruses and bloatware. iPhone barely gets these issues. Expandable stowage may be a good thing but its also a bad thing since you can’t install apps on the SD unless you root your droid. Also, a lot of lower end phones these days rely on the SD for more stowage. Its one of the things that annoys me about lower end droids since you’re dependent on the SD card. Also, one of the things that I notice about the app stores on both phones is that the Google play store is filled with more scam apps, bloatware, apps with viruses and crappy games. Same goes to the iOS about the crappy games but hey at least the iOS doesn’t get viruses since apple verifies and checks the apps before they release it to the market.

    In my conclusion, the android may get more power, more designs and offer much more freedom but it won’t do one thing right: reliability. The iOS has always been the king when it comes to reliability, stability and overall usability. Yes, I like the features and the freedom that android phones offer. But it wont do what the iOS does best.
    (*note: both phones are good don’t get me wrong. I’m open minded to replies (and yes even hateful ones) Feel free to add your opinion)

  19. I kinda agree but the android is more of a PC rather than an xbox since PCs offer more freedom than consoles. But then again, the initial price of a PC is like that of the iPad Pro in its release.

  20. Omg I totally agree…I have been using an android phone since the droids came out…well on my service plan I had an option to upgrade and I did..and I decided to get the iPhone 6plus…because like so many others we have been fooled into thinking iPhones were the best…and let me tell you I do not like it at all..I see why droids are call smart phone because they are just so much smarter…I hate the back button on iPhone..so use to the easy back button on droid…I hate the keyboard..I went to download a file only to find out there isn’t a download folder nor a file folder…WHAT!!!! So I have to download a third party app just to get my files..no music folder as on my android any music I downloaded automatically went to my music folder…so of course all around the storage on the iPhone is ridiculous…I will be going back to droid…I can hardly wait sheesh

    1. Post

      I love the physical back button on an Android phone as well! That was going to be one of my reasons listed in the blog post, but I decided against it. But, definitely an advantage in my opinion being able to hit a physical back button rather than doing all your navigating through on-screen arrows like on an iPhone.

  21. Lol, I’ve never seen an Android phone with a virus, security isn’t that big of a deal, especially when it comes to phones. If only Android phones didn’t come with pre-installed shit apps, I had to uninstall quite a few apps on the first day I got my phone, but it’s just prefrence. I also like how an android phone can be used as a storage device and how I can also run pirated shit on my phone. Apple is only after the money, Android is providing a great platform for developers, the rate at which iOS is developing is nothing compared to Android, iOS is like a baby when it comes to droids… I’m from South Africa, biblical prophecies are happen exactly when it was they would happen

  22. East went nwrth south android ok is best n will be the best. .. Talk to my hands apple blahh blahh blahh. . Eat that. 18 mp camera n 8 mp camera. . That’s 10 mp difference.. Much cleaner.clear and bigger in size. Boo. Apple cost double of android with 50%less memory ram n features

  23. Finally..somebody that make sense..i had a note 4(the exynos version) before and an iphone 6 plus. I sold my note 4 out of disappointment, idk how to say it but i agree with that guy who said you feel cluttered with your android. Less i care about stupid quadcore nor exynos. Its the experience that really matters. IOS is the real buttery smooth in all areas

  24. Pls help me when I ask this one question: I have always had an android phone, but I am so impressed with the “FaceTime” capability that the apple has I will have to say that I am tempted to try the iPhone. BUT after reading your Blog regarding Android / iPhone, I am really hesitant. ONE point that I will have to say is this, I am a stay at home mom and therefore I use my laptop for any and all things related to the Web. So would it be worth it to try the iPhone for my reason of originally wanting to change – FaceTime.

    1. Post

      FaceTime is an interesting topic to bring up. I’ve only used it maybe a couple of times with my Macbook Pro that I own. It’s nice! I would agree that it’s nice that anyone who has an iPhone is in that “niche” and can use FaceTime very easily. Although you could download Skype or something of the sort for your phone and if your friends and family have Skype on their phones, that’s similar. It may not be as great of an experience or as convenient overall, but it’s up to you to decide if that one feature is worth switching or not!

  25. Love androids way better than iphones have had two iphones but were not all that great and plus some apple chargers get destroyed to easily so android over iphone anyday

  26. iPhone is king of smartphone. No android can match its quality. Great hardware with simple software. iPhone will kill android in future.

  27. There is one major difference I saw when I changed the phone to Iphone from android. call log history. It basically creates a new log for each “new” call ( incoming/outgoing) and logs all the history to that record, be it calling, messaging, missed, incoming, outgoing. I just dont have to save a not so important number, but when I get a call from that same number 6 months later, Its easy to recollect the conversations. I miss that so much and that is probably why I am going to change it back to Android. Another one is the swype type keyboard, Its addictive once you get used to it. I phone’s keyboard auto correct works really great, but the swype style of android is too good and perfect for touch screens

    1. Post
  28. I am writing a report on ios vs android at school and this has helped a ton.
    I am a HUGE apple hater and this has lots of great info.
    I was just wondering if you can give any info to cite this source.

    1. Post

      Hey Jayden. Glad to hear it helped you out! I’m a little confused on what you mean by “any info to cite this source”. Are you just wondering how you could cite this article in a school report?

    1. Post
  29. This article is way better than the apple article, you said android was your favourite in opinion instead of stating it as fact, also the other one just seemed really obnoxious, like, yeah we know you think apple is best but no need to shove in our face why it’s better

    1. Post

      Hey Zac! I have to admit I laughed when I read your comment. Yeah the article I referred to about why Apple is better than Android was very poorly stated in my opinion which is the reason I wrote this article. I appreciate the feedback!

  30. Hi, I’ve been an iPhone user since the launch of iPhone 4, then bought 5s and now 6. I knew little about android phones, so iOS was a king for me, because it took care of all my personal things. But I’ve read your article and known more about android and its benefit. Thanks for that. I’ve bought a Galaxy S6 after reading this article. I’ve been using it for months now. I accept everything about android over iOS. But what I felt is, android got many things than ios but iPhone is the only phone that has only useful things.

    You know I’ve even encountered a few bugs on my Galaxy S6 after some weeks of purchase, even a ‘hang’ situation, slow interface. Anyway I am a first time android user and I picked up the best android phone in the market to check it out. I’m telling again, every points you mentioned in your articles is correct. So what I got is iPhone is more personal. It makes me feel like it is my personal assistant or something. Everything from our health to schedule to the smooth interface without any lags, I prefer iPhone in many cases.

    I think iPhone too has some small customization like moving the icons and all. After all, for a guy like me, I repeat, a guy like me, don’t need all that customization. Apple thinks for the customers’ easiness. No where should they get difficult in doing something with their phone.
    But with every android phones, it will start lagging after some months. And I can’t accept you saying ‘copying’ from android like the health and widgets unless it is officially patented. Ok, I’m not judging anything more. I use my iPhone 6 more than I use my S6 (only for showing off to my friends). For me, after using these two phones, Apple is the only company that thinks for the easiness of people. I’ve completely avoided my iPhone for some months to check the S6 but I saw more professionalism in iPhone.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your detailed response Mohammed! There are definitely customizations here and there on various phones that some users might really like, and some users might not use at all. iPhones are definitely smooth all around. I’ve used a number of iPads the past 3 years, and that’s something I noticed. Definitely an advantage for the Apple side of things there.

  31. Apple and samsung have their fights and all. But please gold samsung? The last thing i want to hear is samsung making a different brand like ” i mango 6 ” or other fruit crap like that! Not a total hater but i do agree on the durability.

    1. Post
    1. YES! That’s why we’re here, some of us. Cause we know nothing about phones and want to use our time studying something other than the phone itself. We want to study, do business, create, and accomplish w/o distraction of the phone making life difficult for us, as my low end androids have done, btw. No one has mentioned that if you buy an Apple you can apparently take lessons the store; and – if you can’t figure out your problem from online help – PHYSICALLY go to the store and have them UN-eff it up for you, if you’ve somehow managed to make a mess of your phone. I went to Target, where I bought the android phoneS (the first of which turned out to have NO SD card nor capabilities – NONE!) and got bad advice (“give up, it won’t work”). But it looks like true productivity requires the investment of self-education TIME – how-to-use-your-phone study time. So it looks like I’m leaning toward Android – if for nothing else than the ability to take notes in one window while looking at another. Can you really not do that at all in an iPhone? Thanks for a great article. p.s. I’m thinking, after all that blather, that it’s useless to try and avoid spending a ton of time learning about whatever phone. So you might as well get the payoff of Android advantages if you’re going to have to spend/waste all that time on self-educating about phones. Thanks so much for making it seem a little less impossible. I have some hope . .

      1. Post
  32. I totally agree with this article!! Hardware skyrockets Android off the charts and leaves Apple in the dust. And honestly, I would rather be an individual with a unique phone than be “one with the crowd” with an iPhone. Although I am an iPhone user, I absolutely love the android layout and customization.

    1. Post
  33. Hello, I’m writing a critical review of this article because i think it is very helpful to my paper and i would like to know who the actual author of this post is.

    1. Post
  34. After looking at speed tests I think it is not good to say that Android phones have better CPUs and have more RAM, because in practice even while having less RAM and slower CPU, iPhone works much faster than any Android phone. It loads apps faster, can handle milion apps turned on in the background and it won’t slow down at all. What about Android phones. Three or four apps are running and the phone starts slowing down lagging. For the fact that Android is an universal system for many brands, it can not be as light as iOS made just for one brand. That’s why 2gb RAM dual core iPhone can beat 4gb ram octa core Android smartphones which isn’t a good thing to be proud of.

  35. Ok so I have a galaxy s5 aswell and I never knew my phone was this awesomazing. Thx for the facts because now I can hold my ground against android haters.Im gonna share this cause it’s the smartest thing I have ever heard.So many people think apple is the best because it’s more famous but now I can prove them wrong in soooo many catergories

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  37. I have opportunity and need to use two phones simultaneously. So I use an iPhone 6 Plus and a galaxy note 5. My observations-
    Android allows very useful customisation ..not just some fancy change in colors and layouts. For example I can have a widget showing scrollable list of all tasks for next week or my gmail inbox or whole month view of my calendar right on my home screen. I can start composing a what’s app message to my close friend with one click. Even now when apple says it’s got widgets that’s nowhere near as good as android.
    What about smart dialling in android? Start punching letters on dialling pad and android comes out with matching names or numbers n I can call straightaway. Android had this since ages and iPhone can’t do it even now. I don’t agree with iPhone camera supremacy. In my recent tour I used my note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus for similar pics. When zoomed in n saw on my MacBook, note 4 always had better details in pics. What about voice dialling and searching web? Siri doesn’t get me right half of the time. Google gets it right most of the times. What about back button and ability to close all background apps in one click! Google maps r better than Apple maps n feels better on android
    But I agree iPhone is better in many areas – software updates r available to all iPhones fast. In android it’s not consistent. Apps are somewhat better and some good apps don’t have android equivalents like Drafts… Textexpander…Omnifocus etc. But I see that android is more imaginative n creative and brings out more innovations

    1. Post
  38. I am an apple user. I probably won’t be switching to androids anytime soon. However, I will give props where it is due. Even I will admit that androids are better than iPhones. Awesome article!

  39. Excellent article…I too live in a multi-device world, with merry mix up of Apple, PC and Android. One of my big beefs with Apple is longevity. Whether it’s my iPad, iPhone or iPod, by the time my Apple device enters the 3rd generation beyond what I have, the current iOS pretty much turns the device into molasses (unless I jail-break it). And then I’m forced to upgrade and buy new. I’ve always had the feeling that this is marketing ploy by Apple to force the upgrade issue. Anyway, I don’t run into the same thing with my Android devices. As long as the hardware is capable, the zip is still there after a couple/three years.

    For example, my iPhone 4S sucks wind. Until the iOS evolved above and beyond it’s capabilities, the 4S still functioned adequately. You can’t say that about the Galaxy S2, even though the release date was roughly the same. Sure, hardware is everything, but the operating system can make it into a retard.

    1. Post

      I have felt that as well. As I mentioned in my article, I use an iPad at work. I was using an iPad 4 at work, but that quickly has become “old”. It still works fine, but people are constantly updating their apple phones and tablets. Even Verizon has teamed up with Apple to offer their customers to get a new phone every year that they release a new one. What happened to just keeping your phone for at least a couple years? Thanks for the comment!

    2. Androids still have zip after 3 years because they typically DON’T get updates. Fragmentation my friends. A third of Android users are running software that is multiple years old. My friend has a Droid Mini running 4.4. Her phone is zippy because it’s running 4.4. If she rooted and installed Marshmallow, or Nougat for that matter, I can hardly imagine her phone would be “Speedy Gonzalez”.


      That being said, yea, after a few years, a phone running software released 3 years after its production date will not run as fast as if it kept its original software.

      Approx. 90% of iPhone users are running the latest version of iOS with access to the same features as everyone else. We don’t have to wait for a manufacturer and then a carrier to “approve” updates to gain additional functionality.


      ALL of that being said, I purchased a Moto G4 Plus to experiment with alongside my iPhone 6s Plus and the main reason I couldn’t switch is a lack of apps I use on my iPhone being available on the play store. Marshmallow and Nougat are FANTASTIC in my opinion. I just wish ALL Android users got to enjoy these released without bloatware and “tedious to use” UI’s like Touch Wiz and HTC Sense. I appreciate all of the features Google has packed into the latest Android release.

      Funny enough, it looks more iOS like and Apple is carefully trying to become more open about things. As time goes on I think we will see the differences between these two OS’s even smaller.

      Great article overall by the way!

      1. Post

        Hey there, thanks a lot for the detailed comment! I do think it’s a huge disadvantage that Android updates are so delayed getting out to phones. It’s too bad, because Marshmallow (which I only got a few months ago) has been out for a while and Android Nougat is out already now, and I won’t be able to enjoy it on my phone for a while (if I wait for a carrier approved update to come through). I do think that Marshmallow and Nougat are fantastic. I’ve seen some previews of Nougat – pretty excited! Yes, the bloatware and weird UIs that are slapped on top of stock Android can get in the way for some people. Some people dig them, some don’t.

        I would also agree that it seems that Apple is trying to become more open about things. Features they’ve opened up such as the option to add a third-party keyboard and other things like that have been examples in the past showing that. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks again for your comment!

  40. Lot of butt hurt isheep commenting. It’s OK, your iPhones are fine, is just that not everyone likes them. I’m sure you can accept that if you try.

    If you don’t want all the bloatware buy a Nexus or a Motorola.

  41. I used Samsung S4 previously. Last year switched to iPhone 6+. iPhone sucks really in many ways. Like storing any documents. To attach something to your email you have to get it from cloud or some shit. After compromising, it sucks to get phone call. Just goes to voicemail. I thought T mobile network is bad. When I tried my sim in Motorola I was getting calls. Since I wasted 800+ bucks on this iPhone, it is difficult to get rid. I switched to Verizon now. But it just goes to voicemail sometimes..

  42. Good morning all
    I had Andriod phones , most of my family are apple
    I am using Apple now
    But looking at going back to Andriod
    Samsung phones are great but the one I’m looking at is the P9 from Hauwei
    I just want a phone with a great camera

    1. Post
  43. i bought 4s and thn 5s and mac pro.when i bought it was good but later thy become night mare.my 5s display is broken i bought it in usa now i am in india.i went to apple store and thy say no thy won,t repair.you have to send it back to usa for repair i talk to them they said apple dont own service shop in india all are authorized they can have own rule and when i talk to usa they said its apple warranty terms i said i am not talking about warranty i can pay but they said no its rule they just put these terms under warranty not under service so be aware guys before you buy i phone many terms no one know.and if still you are buying best of luck.by the way if any1 thinking i m lying i have chat .

    1. Post
  44. nokia n70 from years ago holds memory card and has working bluetooth
    iphone 6 plus doesnt have these feutures ….android takes the win
    iphone should be sold as a low end phone as thats what it is ….how can anyone say its a smart phone when its not …..i laugh when people say wow i have new iphone …i say turn your bluetooth on and let me send you this video i just took or photo …oh they cant then i laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ and as for people saying android can get viruses from bluetooth please let meknow if you or anyone knows anyone who has ever got a virus on android and i be shocked /;///i use my android for torrents soometimes and never had one yet

  45. iphone is for vanity. u can do anything with more freedom in android. u can install custom OS if u want. not like iphone to pay heavily to live in that prison. why would i pay 60k Rs instead in same price i would buy a bike with good mileage.
    we get good android phone in 20k ..a flagship model with rich features and powerful processor. honestly i dont see anything new or different in iphone which android dont keep.

  46. This article shows that how much you hate apple for doing so good in market. I suggest you to accept the fact instead of blaming others.

    1. Post

      It shows how much I hate Apple for doing so good in the market? You mean the market where Android’s market share is at over 70% and Apple is at 23%? Yeah, about that…

  47. I agree with the stats you posted here.But what about the fact that android allocates a maximum ram of 48 MB per app where as IOS can provide 170-180 MB per its applications? Infact there is no clear memory limitation in IOS. May be that is the reason IOS apps are far ahead when it comes to quality and performance? That will explain the benchmark results despite the fact that android devices have a better configuration on paper.What is the point of having huge configuration values when apps cannot utilize the same? Also dont forget the fact that to get an app in the app store the strict approval process takes about 2 weeks where as play store has no approval process at all.

  48. Thanks so much for creating this article! So many of friends are android haters, but they haven’t even tried it out.

    1. Post
  49. I don’t really think that “copying” makes a winner or a loser. You’re really laying on the melodrama thick with the imitation comment. If something is good, then use it. Incorporate it, make it worth the while. Blatant plagiarism is one thing, but features? Dunno.

    You also didn’t really do a solid comparison the other way Huawei force touch? Plethora of physical designs, boot up, etc.

    So where you begin with your disclaimer… It sorta loses a lot of merit when you say things like that.

    The hardware comparison seemed a bit odd to. I’m more interested in benchmarks. Can you do some research into that? I disagree with your software comment. You can throw hundreds of gigs of ram into hardware, if the software is sloppy no amount of hardware will save it. I think solid benchmark testing is going to be what really determines this. Boot up times, stress multi tasking, run loads, etc. Hardware is cool…. But it’s like saying “hell yeah I got the brand new GTR…. Oh no I don’t really know how to drive stick though, kinda grinding my gears.” If you aren’t using it right, then the best isn’t going to save you.

    I did think there were some solid points though on the universal connector. All in all a decent opinion column, but it felt like it lacked in objectivity and facts.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your comment! Although I agree that “copying” neither determines a winner or loser necessarily, I do think that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If Apple is copying features from Android phones, those companies must be doing something right. Not to mention the countless court cases that have gone back and forth between Apple and other companies such as Samsung.

      I did initially write this post about 2 years ago, so the whole thing with force touch I don’t believe was a thing which is why I hadn’t made comments about that. As far as the disclaimer goes, I was in the process of phasing that out and getting rid of links, and that is out of there now ๐Ÿ™‚

      I would like to do some more research with benchmark numbers. I have looked briefly at benchmark numbers in the past. I know as far as multitasking goes, Android phones really reign supreme with their 4 and 8-core processors. However, single threaded tasks seem to be quicker on iPhones. Definitely agree that you can throw 200 GB of RAM into a phone and it won’t do anything if not used correctly, but I do like that many of the flagship Android phones now include 4 GB of RAM if needed and many of them run cheaper than iPhones. You just get a lot more hardware for less money when you buy an Android phone (in general, not always).

      I’m glad you agree with the universal connector. Anyway, thanks again for your comments!

  50. I love that you cite the specs of the Galaxy phones and show the “far superior” specs and ram amounts, yet within android you have garbage collecting associated with Java. Androidโ€™s garbage collectors work best when Android apps have 4 to 8 times as much memory as is actually needed in order to perform the garbage collection process. Once you stop having that amount of free memory available, performance starts suffering. Just look at the Note 7 being destroyed by real life speed tests with a phone that was put out by Apple almost a year prior. I currently have an iPhone 6S Plus and a Samsung S7 edge. I like both phones very much, however my iPhone always performs better, gets updated faster, resells for a lot more money when I decide to sell it, etc.

    1. Post

      The phone I use for personal use is a Galaxy S7 Edge, but I also use an iPhone 6S Plus for testing along with a number of different phones. I think they both perform very well. It is unfortunate that Android updates take so long to push out because of the carriers. It’s not Android’s fault for that, though. Thanks for your input!

  51. You are making the assumption that iPhone users are greedy & fool? How did you come up with that thought, greedy? Though you may disagree with their choice tey like their device it pleases them, not any different than you choosing your phone device of choices.

    Also, explain the scarcity of up to date applications and lack of applications. Years ago the Mac did not have all the apps Windows did, but that is now not an issue. Within any OS there are OS specific app one will not find on another OS. Here is a thought, it is the app manufacture that determines if they will write the app not the phone vender. Be aware that many software vendors are putting their apps online being used in a browser, vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, the list goes on, thus their apps are browser based not OS based.

    Also, calling folks a fool does not have you come across too good. Name calling is a child’s game. By the way it is spelled iPhone, and check your grammar.

  52. Very useful information. This makes iPhone users jealous. And Can you please write an article about the best android phone brands?

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment! There are a number of good companies out there that make great phones that run Android. Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc. It just depends on what all you want in a phone, and how much you’re willing to spend.

  53. Thanks for the helpful info on androids! I’ve been thinking about getting an android, this made me decide to get one. I really need a multitasking phone and android looks like it’ll do the trick! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Post
  54. This is well written to someone who is an Apple hater or a person who’s used iOS exclusively and therefore ignorant to the facts, but not for anyone using both phones in the real world. I am one of those 2 phone people, who separated my personal phone from my work phone because one day I will part with my company and have to turn my phone in. I have a Galaxy S6 with 128GB SDXC card and a 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus, and can use Android and iOS equally well.

    There are a few things about Android phones that I love. The AMOLED screen is better, but not significantly. The iPhone will be there in a few years but you shouldn’t want it to go there anyway; there will be a world-wide shortage of components available once that happens.

    Widgets are also much better with Android. They just work better. BUT, short of those 2 minor things, the user experience is waaaaayyyy better on iOS. The layout is better, notifications are better, apps are better, memory management is much better, it is faster, and battery life is better. You folks who look at spec. sheets are really missing the point, which is performance. Be happy with your Android device if you want to sit on the side of specs, but you have an inferior device.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the reply Tom! I would have to say that I love the screen on my Galaxy S7 Edge WAY better than the screen on the iPhone 6S Plus. The screen is way more crisp, has beautiful, bold colors, and a much higher resolution whereas the iPhone’s screen looks washed out much of the time and is not nearly as crisp looking.

      I would agree, widgets are bounds better on Android than iOS – widgets are very poor in iOS. I would have to disagree that notifications are better in iOS. Android’s notifications are much, much better in my opinion and always have been. However, yes memory management is better in iOS based on benchmarks I’ve seen.

      Anyway, I appreciate the comment, it’s always nice hearing other points of view! Thanks Tom.

  55. Actually android is better than iphone because you cannot even access files and android is customizable non like iphone that depends on the ios for me that sucks and you cannot even expand the storage non like android and just to access files on iphone we need a computer non like android we can just access the files directly, we all know that android is cheaper than iphone but you cannot get these futures on an iphone

  56. Great and very true article. I find it a mistake that you compared the s6 plus to the s7 edge instead of the s6, that made apple look better than they are… even though it still made them look bad lol. The s6 has a horrible 1750 mAh and the edge has 3600. Even the iPhone 7 will only have 1950, and the 7 plus about 2900. Theyre finally behind and will stay behind forever now (in all aspects). It’s just that their sheepish followers will never see that the grass is way greener over here with Samsung.

    I really would love to see you test out the Iphone 7 and show how it’s still way behind the s7 edge!

    1. Post

      I will be updated some information in my article soon about the iPhone 7 that was just released. When I was live streaming the Apple event where they announced the iPhone 7, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things Apple decided to do. Getting rid of the headphone jack, for instance, was a major mistake.

    1. Post
  57. i have been apple since the very first phone , now with no headphone jack they can get stuffed . so i purchased a samsung S7 edge and guess what … 3 hours later and i STILL can’t get my contacts across. I’m SEETHING !!!!! apple can go and get stuffed at the highest level. i will not EVER return to an iPhone. not that they care but they eventually will when all wake up. bunch of friging jerks !

    1. Post
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  59. I have to say i have use both of android and ios (ipod, iphone, ipad2, ipad mini).
    I totally agree with this article that you can get more customization on android.
    Some will feel that iphone is faster than android. It is true if u compare a500-600 dollar iphone with the mid-range android or the bad high-range android( i mean it is a bad optimization software like Z2 in the price range).
    Now i use OnePlus3, and compare to iphone6s i think it’s great value choice. But if u compare to IP7, i think the 399$ cannot beat 649$ for sure but u have to think that is the 250$ add on is worth paying?

    Ps apologize for my bad english, as it is not my native language.
    Anyways I’m sending this from iPad Mini2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Post
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  61. Great Article ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Another feature is;Android can run emulators and now even PS2 emulation is being tested..!!
    (which means NFS MW Black edition,GTA VCS,etc games on Android!๐Ÿ˜ฎ)
    But Apple is still limitizing its features and does not support even GB,PSP emulation…!!
    Apple is just selling its brand name…if apple doesnt add new features in its upcoming phones,people would still buy it because its not about the “value for money” point for which most of the people care about, its the”fashion of buying pricey things” or “fame” for which they care about….!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  62. Hey, I really like the way you have detailed all the pros of Android ๐Ÿ™‚ NOT ALL WEBSITES give such a detailed view on this subject. But, please make an article regarding the pros of Apple. I really want to know the limitations of both the platforms.

    1. Post
  63. Yep apple is much better because i use apple 6s and its good for the battery life even though u dont charge it for whole day and i am an android user before android is not cool always drain my battery even though i am not using it my s4 and s5 and i believe they recall the s7 edge and note 7 because of the battery problem unlike the apple 6s and they can’t virus it and it has security account which android phone not have and the quality of the camera is nice so i switch to ios 10 ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. The pro to android with customizations and lauchers is good because you can change the look of your phone to the way you like. One huge negative aspect of this however is that NONE of the lauchers for android and customizations actually look good. iOS on the otherhand looks amazing…just a big note take a look at Xiaomi they make an android phone that looks exactly like iOS WHY? because iOS just looks and functions WAY better so yea android can customize and you can configure the way you want things but why would you do it if it just looks plain ugly? iOS hands down is superior.

    And one big thing about the hardward. This article is like alot of ignorant fanboy android users they think on paper android devices outshine iphones however in real life tests iphones out perform android just take a look at speed tests where users lauch cpu intensive games iphone launches way quicker. Check out also geek bench test scores iphone 7 plus way better scores than your samsung s7 edge and pixel xl phones. So I would just get the facts checked out straight first before you post about hardware. Sure on paper android looks great however REAL LIFE tests they fail.

    1. Post

      If you look at some of the screenshots I have on this article, one of the side by side screenshots is using the Nova launcher for Android. It’s absolutely beautiful. I would take that look 105 times out of 100 times over iOS. So I’m not exactly sure what you mean by none of the launchers on Android look good… have you played with any? At least with Android you can customize whatever launcher you want.

      As far as real life speed tests, etc. – does the iPhone open some things quicker? Yes. I’ve seen some of the real life tests. Is your average user going to care that when you open 12 full blown games in a row on a phone, that the iPhone opens them (in total) a few seconds faster than an Android? No. Because no user opens that many full blown games back to back. They just do those tests for benchmarks. Also, keep in mind the phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 have Quad HD screens, so the GPU has to push about 4 times the pixels than the iPhone is pushing. Much better picture quality and beautiful screens compared to iPhones.

  65. I do appreciate the information you gave me is I am not a high-tech person either. I’ve had my second Android phone 3 years now. I do like it very much it’s a Galaxy S4. And I wish I could just keep it because I like it and not have to buy a new phone. I’ve been having some issues with it lately. It keeps shutting itself ,so I turn it back on, and it keepsturning itself back off again. If I leave it off a couple hours I can turn it back on and it will stay on and I can use it again. I went to two different Verizon stores that you said the same thing the software can’t keep up. The gentleman at the second store said that this will start to happen after a few years with an Android phone. The software cannot keep up with all the new updates. When I asked about an iPhone he said that iPhones lasts for years and years they don’t have that problem with the software that Androids do. I really don’t like having to buy another phone in two or three years. They are very expensive. I do like what smartphones offer , I use it a lot.
    I thought about switching to the iPhone. I understand that you have to buy most things for an iPhone. Don’t like that part, because I have a lot of music on my droid. And I like being able to download CDs on my Droid without having to pay for it all over again. So I am debating about what to do. Any info any advice you offer is appreciated. THANKS.

    1. Post

      Hi Kathy! The S4 is not a bad phone at all – it’s just become pretty outdated because it was released back in 2013. Software is CONSTANTLY updating, and unfortunately a lot of older phones can’t keep up with it. In fact, eventually, the older phones won’t even support the newer software that comes out and they are stuck with outdated software. That’s just how it goes, though. Although you are seeing that problem with your S4, iPhones will suffer from that same problem as well. For example, iOS 10 is out now for iPhones, and if someone has an iPhone 4S or older, they cannot get iOS 10 on their device. So I wouldn’t say it’s either an Android or iOS problem, it’s the fact that older phones in general eventually can’t support the newest software. Hopefully that info helps!

      1. For a non-tech person would it be better to buy somewhat lower end phones, either brand, but buy a new phone more often? Like, buy the most up-to-date phone more often, since today’s low end phones can do more than yesterday’s high-end phones? (since you get “more” tech for less and less $ as time goes on)? Excluding that Apple no longer gives a headphone jack . . . .
        p.s. don’t know whether to use a smiley or tragic emoji here. very sad to see the David that freed us from MicroSoft’s Goliath tyranny go SO down the tubes. people forget that era, if they are even old enough to have experienced it all all! Apple and Jobs were the underdog and apparently Apple is the underdog again or on the way to it . . . ok, I’ve decided: ๐Ÿ™

  66. Very good article outlining differences between apple and Android. I myself have been a long time iPhone user, but I recently switched to a Samsung s7 and will never go back. The only problem I have with this article is that it says the Samsung s7 has an IR blaster as a feature, which it does not have. Sad because I thought this would be handy if I lose the remote and want to use my TV without tearing through the living room looking for it.

    1. Post

      Hey Hunter, thanks for the comment! I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed your switch over the Samsung S7 from an iPhone. Also, great catch on the IR blaster detail! I have updated the article to reflect that change. I agree, I wish the S7 had an IR blaster like the Galaxy S5 has… it definitely comes in handy.

  67. I agree with your points, but I really dont think either one is inherently better than the other. I have personally had both and switched back and forth constantly. I find that android, while the customization options are SOOO much better and widgets are amazing, i find that if you dwell into the settings everything gets very cluttered if you arent a 100% techie and Google tries to shove all of its software down your throat and I end up having to turn of every google now software feature and disable all of the google apps except the play store. I find that apple has the much better app store and its an overall very simple experience. I love the big screen of most android phones and how cheap you can get some big screened phones, but as someone who wants a simple streamlined experience, im going to stick with apple, for now.

    1. Post
  68. Chapeau for the outstanding article! I must say, yours is probably the best comparison article I have ever come across. I’ve been going through several and most of the time any article dominating either android or apple phones (or products) is a hater towards the other, so this quite rational explanation (being in my opinion quite unbiased since you do emphasize on both pros and cons of the two) was really a pleasant read!

    Thank you for your detailed info regarding the two systems and I must say although I have never owned an apple phone myself I do quite agree with all your points, being from experience of seeing my friends using the iPhone. Where I come from, Apple users are usually ‘considered’ rich (not really, but just a label) as obviously apple products cost more especially when taking into account certain apps, additional specified customized devices and such.

    Many of my friends changed to using the iPhone during the past few years, and most are just following the ‘Apple is the best’ trend. Another thing I realized about these iPhone users is that as soon as Apple announce a new launch, everyone goes crazy to upgrade their phones! Personally for me, I don’t get why one should keep buying a new phone just to be upgraded and even when the system is more or less the same AND their current phones are still in good condition.

    Just to give a rough idea of what sort of person I am, I once owned a Samsung Galaxy Wonder and I used it for more than 3 years until the battery was practically bloated. The system crashed a lot and the lag is terrible, but I honestly loved it. While it required an extraordinary amount of patience to deal with in my point of view there was no reason to change to a new phone as it’s still functioning, albeit rather badly. This being said, I never understood the hype of why Apple users seem to always want to buy new products as soon as they launch. Even the newly converted android-to-apple users seem to join in the craze.

    I am currently using a Samsung Note 3 (bought in 2014) and I find that this phone absolutely lovely. With the multitasking ability (at that point was rather new), large screen, great camera resolution and ability to write notes by hand, for me it totally overruled the then newest iPhone. I love how I am able to customize my phone to my liking which in my opinion helped me prioritize the things I want to be able to see and use (via widgets and shortcuts) which is a lacking feature in iPhone. I also hesitated to get an iPhone due to it’s personalized lightning cable as you have mentioned. I live among android users and the idea of forgetting my charging cable and suffering for the rest of the day is why I prefer the universal android charging cable.

    Even so, many people including my boyfriend are trying to persuade me to get an iPhone. That is how i got here. And I really thank you again for your excellent article for giving me the basic insight regarding the difference of the two. I am now considering buying the iPhone 7 for myself and I might even change my current phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge simply to get a first-hand experience.

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  70. Although all this wants to make me change my perspective on the iPhone, I’m sorry, I can’t. iPhone is a lot more awesome and sleek than any android. Anyway, good piece, really informative.

    1. Post
  71. Motorola droid>s3> note 3> note 4, Samsung 10 tab…big Android fan! The Swype keyboard is a must. I’ve gotten so used to it I can barely tap type any more. I’m a note taker but I lose all those bits of paper, never my phone. I also love how I can view, edit, share excel sheets on my phone & switch between pc very easily. Doodling & drawing on my Android tablet is great as well. God bless wacom. Back button is great too. I’ve used friends’ iPhones & forever try to use the non-existent back button. One feature of iPhones that I found interesting was the ability to make calls over WiFi. I travel a lot & there’s places in PA where service is just unavailable & I asked how the locals deal w/ it I was told that iPhone users can make calls that way, no extra app needed or anything (at least that’s how it was explained to me). Is this a real thing? Thanks for the article.

    1. Post

      Wi-Fi calling has been a thing for some time now. I haven’t ever used it, but I know there are some phone companies out there that offer it for both Android and iPhones. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  72. It was a great article the most annoying thing iphone users come up with is “It just works” Android you can make your phone as simple or technical as you wish. I use Nova Launcher on my LG G4 but have the option of going back to the basic LG Home and Easy Home interfaces, a removeable battery and have just purchased a 128gb SD card for ยฃ22
    And as for security didn’t a Russian scientist at Cambridge crack the iPhone 7 for about ยฃ80 ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Post

      I absolutely love the Nova Launcher! Yes, I agree it’s very nice to be able to switch to whichever launcher you want very quickly. Removeable battery is always great, along with expandable memory ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the comment Gordon!

  73. With windows phone dying I have to pick an android or iPhone. That’s how I ended up here. Without a doubt windows interface since windows 8 is better than both android or iPhone. Windows phone failed for different reasons.

    I looked at android phones a couple years ago. It sucked. I only saw a cluttered screen with every possible color in the world jammed in the home screen. I used briefly a couple android tablets. Felt like junk. IPhone I used superficially. Interface was better than android.

    This article’s first reason is choices, choices and choices. And that reason itself killed android from my list. Who said too many choices is a good thing. Every choice is a set of varied parameters that needs to be weighed in before making a decision. A single choice that has been used, tested and established by a large number of user base over years seems like a better deal to me. IPhone did that. People don’t grow fans out of thin air. There has to be stuff backing it.

    Hardware is always ahead of software in recent years. Meaning software doesn’t utilize full potential of hardware in most cases and hardware remains unutilized. So powerful hardware isn’t a lucrative thing in phones. Software that works consistently, gets updated frequently and has clean user interface is all that matters.

    I am yet to test both phones but I am leaning towards IPhone. And I have never used an apple or android product ever. Only DOS and windows since 1992.

    1. Post

      To each their own – but thanks for your insight! I have not been overly impressed with Android tablets – however I haven’t used one in the past 2 years so I don’t know how far they’ve come. I do use an iPad at work and really enjoy it.

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  75. The iphone is not user friendly. There is no provision for exporting your contacts to a cvs file or to microsoft outlook. I needed to send bulk sms to my contacts about a recent death in my family but couldn’t find a way to do so without doing it manually from my iphone 6.

  76. Man that was a lot of reading! I have read this amazing detailed article and all of its comments. The way you completely demolished any negative or misinformed person on the matter I say Sir was very entertaining! The way you cut them down to size with facts was awesome!

    I currently own an IPhone 6 Plus and have owned the 2g, 3gs, and the 4s. Literally have always owned an iPhone. Most of the time for tweaking purposes have been jail broken. However in the recent years it has been getting harder to do and seeming pointless to do so. The jailbreak community isn’t what it used to be. Tweaks are getting harder to get, coders have left, and updates very rarely come up etc. I mention this because most of the tweaks are ones easily obtain on an android without a Jailbreak so why fight when you don’t have too. I’m just so torn I own a iPhone leaning towards an android after reading this article and I’m unsure what to do.

    My wife and I are in the market for new phones just can’t make up my mind on which route to take. Here are my worries.

    Will it be as quick and as fluent as my iPhone? If so would it be a big difference?

    What’s the game community like on the google play store? Any better than the App Store?

    Do games run slower?

    How often does the newer androids crash or over heat?

    I really do appreciate this very informative article. Just wish it would help me decide on whether I stay iPhone user or try something new and go android thx! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Post

      Hi Matt!

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can. If you take the latest iPhone (the iPhone 7) and the latest flagship Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, etc), real-world tests will show some differences between the phones, yes. However, in regular day-to-day use of the phones, it’s something that I personally don’t think you’d notice. Now, if you got an under-powered Android phone that didn’t have very high specs, it would be noticeably slower, yes. But there are so many good flagship Android phones out there right now, you can’t go wrong really.

      I honestly can’t comment on how the game communities vary between the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – I haven’t really played too many games on my Android. I’m sure games would all run just fine. I have just seen that some games can LOAD a bit slower initially, but I don’t think the game itself would run slow as long as the processor/graphics in the phone can run the game.

      I personally have never had an Android phone of mine overheat, and have never had any major problems with the flagship Android phones I’ve owned.

      Hopefully that helps. If you have anymore questions, just let me know. Thanks!

  77. iphone users are not fools. I’ve owned nothing but android phones since I started using smartphones, though I can say I way prefer my ipod over my samsung. In my opinion Android is shit, no updates to software, unfriendly, or I should say unsatisfying user interface. The look and feel of android is kinda disgusting when compared to in my opinion a superior operating system which is iOS. Ios is beautiful in every way, and since it’s perfect, there really isn’t any need to customize the way the home screen looks and operates. The only thing people should really say android has that ios doesn’t is free will to download any file from the internet, which an iphone can also do the same thing, if you download a place to save it to like a file manager. There is no advantage by choosing android really, ios offers the same things and does a better job. Only thing android has going for it is budget cell phones that have poor hardware and a maximum of 8GB storage. Oh yea, also there is no option available that makes the system treat the SD card storage as System storage, so you can’t move apps over to SD entirely, just their data.

    1. Post

      I’m a bit confused by your comment, as you did nothing but bash on Android phones based on personal opionions and clearly have your mind made up on which platform you perform – yet you said you’ve owned nothing but Android phones since you started using smartphones. Why do you keep buying/owning Android phones if you hate everything about Android phones so much? If you think Apple’s user interface is beautiful and clearly the best, you obviously haven’t used a custom launcher like Nova launcher on an Android phone before. You said “iOS is beautiful in every way, and since it’s perfect, there really isn’t any need to customize the way the home screen looks and operates”. Different people have different opinions (as you made very clear with your own opinions), and some people might like to customize how their home screen looks to make it their own. Why not give users the option to customize it if they would like? That’s why Android’s customization options reign supreme. Your last line where you said “also there is no option available that makes the system treat the SD card storage as System storage, so you can’t move apps over to SD entirely, just their data” – that’s completely false. My current Galaxy S7 Edge, right when I set it up and put in an SD card, it asked if I would like to use the SD card as System storage. Make sure your points are valid before posting.

    Ok the MP is the size of the photo not the quality…..What about the aperture,ISO,Exposure,Low light Performance…..Android wins hands down.
    TAKE THE S7 FOR EXAMPLE. …IT HAS 12MP DUAL PIXEL SENSOR, THAT HAS A LIGHTNING FAST AUTO FOCUS AND AMAZING (BETTER THAT I7) LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE..NOT TO MENTION THE APERTURE 1.7 AGAINST THE 1.8 IN THE IPHONE EVEN THOUGH S7 IS HALF A YEAR OLD. Go search Youtube….. If u argue…. Talking about Processors, A9 is a beast, I agree but the Exynos 88xx and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is no Joke Either…. Qualcomm made the words first 5G Soc. Talking of that it’s way better than the latest A10 Fusion Chip…..It has gigabit class download Speed…And it’s the First Ever 10Nm Chip in the world…..So telling that Appe chips are better that their Android Counterpart seems like a joke.. (I know a lot about Soc’s)(The Soc I am talking about is announced but not released…It’s the Snapdragon835x…Will be available on the S8)…So Apple Used to Rock but Times change so do Companies…..

  79. There are many iSheeps here who would disagree with this article because they just can’t stand the fact that their NEW OVER-PRICED products can’t Stand up against Android for much..I honestly agree with it 100%

    1. Post
  80. Years ago I had an iPod and an iTunes account. IPod was stolen and I was told I could transfer my purchased music to my 7edge (Samsung). Is that possible??? Is there a similar Android app that has the variety of music that iTunes has currently???

    1. Post

      Hi Marc, I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing if you own that music that was in iTunes and you have access to those files, it could be ported over onto a Samsung device. I would just do a Google search, I’m sure there’s plenty out there for that! I actually use Spotify Premium for my music, so I don’t really “own” any music per se.

  81. Hi, I agree with most, but I am still thinking that in overall iphone is still better somehow. I always have had a samsung galaxy(twice a s2 and now a s5) and I want to upgrade, and I am seriously thinking about upgrading to an iphone 7. Although I see that on paper the Samsung is better my husband never has any problems with his iphone(had a 3g/4 and now 5s). I have (had) different problems with my phones, for example suddenly not able to open pictures or videos that I have taken with my phone(never figured that one out ) or my screen fluckering when low battery and low screen levels(which I thought was fixed but is not) and other things I can’t remember, and some games are not even possible to play on other devices than apple, like dragon story, farm story and the like which I can play on my ipad mini or my husbands iphone 5s. The thing is my husband never has any of these problems which you do get with android(and a better privacy protection with apple)But it is a difficult choice as I do like the google store and other options.

  82. I have used both iphones and Androids. Both have their own advantages and Disadvantages. But in many ways Android rules. I used a Samsung S3 before. I own a iphone SE now and want to switch back to Samsung. Thinking of getting a Samsung S7 Edge. I hope Samsung is going to launch S8 soon. Do you think S8 is a worthy upgrade to S7?

    Great article. Cheers:)

    1. Post

      The Samsung S8 is out! It definitely has a lot of nice upgrades over the S7 ๐Ÿ™‚ Up to you! Due to my contract with my cell provider, I am planning to wait for the S9 to upgrade from my S7. Can’t wait!

  83. First of all apple has apple pay.NOW android just started samsung pay/android pay.
    Apple is really a better product they make macbooks (Laptop)
    The phones are also alot thinner I have android but am moving on to a apple

  84. Hi,i’m iPhone User had iPhone 4 owned 5 now have iPhone 6+,i’m really satisfied with iOS but Apple is not anymore being the best as it should have been,For Example Samsung S8/S8+ the best feature i admire alot is the Irish Scanner i mean how the F**K did Samsung do that,Thats IMPROVEMENT,where as apple on iPhone 7 had made it water resistant & dust proof whoa THATS IMPROVEMENT,I dont care about the benchmarks or processor,Both iOS & Android are trying their best for best resolution speed & ect….We need new technologies & i give that to Samsung even though im Apple Fan
    No Steve Job = iPhone Fails :/
    Apple User its time to accept the fact that Android is ahead of Apple,no matter how much u argue……

    Btw nice topics & point u wrote agreed with wt even u just mentioned above keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Post
  85. I totally disagree with this. A couple of years ago i used to buy android phones but whenever i filled the memory or RAM the phones stucks damn so much that i have to pull out the battery and re-insert. ( I am not talking about too old android phones i experience this in s5 and note 3) the Samsung’s most sold devices. Anyways an iPhone is mch better than a creepy android phone. The main problem with android is it keep uses the device storage by itself and keeps the misc files which i never copied or downloaded. And the background apps keep using ram idk why is 4gb of ram in a phone. I mean where is that 4gb of ram is using? Uuff.. i have 100,000 text messages in my iPhone 6 (not 7), 50000+ pictures,and i use it all the day but it never lags or hangs i never have to restart it. Apple can do anything. I feel safe with iPhone, i know my data is backedup itunes icloud. Where android has only customizations nothiny else. A specs like more than a gaming pc but nothing. I bet you guys if its Samsung galaxy s8 plus i copy my all msgs the messages app will not open (i have tested this with s7edge)
    Sooo… iPhone hats off to you.

    1. Post

      Why in the world do you have 100,000 text messages and 50,000+ pictures on a phone?? Have you heard of cloud storage? Put it on the cloud and get it off your phone, that’s craziness. Also, having that many text messages and pictures on your phone has nothing to do with RAM, it affects your physical internal memory. Also, Android phones offer all sorts of cloud storage just like iCloud, so there’s no advantage for Apple there.

  86. iPhone still kills in this area. I agree. That was by far the worst argument. For years Android devices have had better technical hardware, but because of the less fragmentation, or variety, is why iPhones have always been the fastest. I don’t see it changing soon either.

    1. Post

      Or maybe the fact that a phone like the Samsung S7 has a Quad HD screen and the GPU has to push 2-4x more pixels than other iPhones which uses up a lot of the phone’s resources. There are so many factors that go into how fast or slow a phone runs rather than just internal hardware. Also, multi-threaded actions on an Android phone blow iPhones out of the water. iPhones are just good at pushing single-threaded tasks quicker. Appreciate the comment!

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  88. As an Apple user myself, I strongly agree with some of the points you make, but I still don’t think the pros about Apple are included in this. The iPhone got a fingerprint scanner on the 5s, the the next Samsung got one. The famous, “Shot on iPhone” was shortly taken by Samsung as “Captued on Galaxy __” 3-D Touch is a amazing feature on the iPhone that is almost like magic. Apple also does not have some extreme commercials that directly aim at Thebes competition. This has happened less, but in old ones, they are so common that there are sometimes errors. For example, a Galaxy Tab commercial compared it to the iPad Air, when, if you looked closer, it was actually an iPad 3rd or 4th generation.
    Again, some of these facts are very true and helpful, but maybe acknowledging the other side could help people understand more.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your insight, Aidan! I actually hope to create an article in the future highlighting the advantages of iPhones over Android phones. Hopefully an article like that would help people understand both sides better!

  89. I agree I have many phone a two iPhone cause one broke so only one now but I have androids to and I have more androids over apple why bigger more choices and bigger selections on cases and phone layout I totally agree battery life is equal but I love all my devices but android most likely is the best cause there just more choices

    1. Post
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  91. First of all I would like to ask why you are comparing apples with bananas ( iPhones vs Andriod) Andriod is software, apples iPhones are… well …hardware. So if you wish to compare iOS vs Andriod be my guest. Furthermore the comparison should be labeled apple vs everything else. As you refer to multiple devices that uses the android OS. Don’t use simple minded logical that “bigger” is “better”. Just cause a car has a 6ltr engine won’t necessarily mean it’s faster than a 3ltr (C63 AMG va M3) Don’t fool people … be factual with your articles. Apple does more with its hardware overall as opposed to specialized areas like android devices, App Store? Please google play is a joke with most of its apps requesting unnecessary rights to your info and bombard you with ads. With freedom comes a price, your data. All I see from this article is where you assume its better based by the pamphlet you read. How informed are you with this article exactly?

    1. Post

      Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. First of all, if you read the title of the blog post, I’m comparing Android-powered phones vs. iPhones which are both… hardware. Last time I checked, as a blog owner, I’m able to title a blog post whatever I please. If you read about any benchmark tests in the real world, you’ll see that Android-powered phones (more specifically a flagship phone from Samsung like the Galaxy S8, for example) easily beat iPhones in speed tests for multi-threaded tasks. Those are tasks the phone runs that uses multiple cores of the phone’s CPU. iPhones do generally perform better with single-threaded tasks, but there is hardly a noticeable difference in the real world unless you’re running all sorts of intensive tasks one after another which isn’t how users use phones. There are other things to keep in mind, though, such as the fact that a phone like the Galaxy S8 has a Quad HD screen and the GPU of the phone has to push 4x the amount of pixels than an iPhone would, which naturally slows the phone down more. However, users also get one of the most beautiful screens on the market with their phone, so there are always trade-offs here and there.

      I’m confused about what part of my article isn’t “factual”? Just because you have an opinion one way doesn’t make something not factual. Also, have you ever developed an Android app before? If you haven’t (which I’m guessing you clearly have not), you’ll figure out real quick that you have to request certain permissions in the code you’re writing for the app in order to gain access to certain pieces of the phone. Android apps from the Google Play Store request the same exact type of permissions as an Apple App Store app would. None of it is “unnecessary” as you claimed. I know both Android apps and iOS apps that bombard you with ads… that’s the choice of the developer of the app and has literally nothing to do with Android vs iOS.

      How informed are you with your response exactly?

  92. I have to agree that iPhones are easier to use. I use iPhones on the past. Nevertheless, my last 3 phones use the Android operating system, Why did I change. Because as a human being, I like to have choices, not someone telling me what I can or can’t do, or trying to collect money from me everytime that I want to do something. Being an Apple user in the past, left me with a bad perception of a good product in the hands of a company trying to make a killing on the end user. That’s the main reason, I prefer to give my business to the underdog, feeling free to make my own choices, good or bad. Thanks for all your good comments.

  93. You forgot rooting vs.
    jailbreaking and how you can completely change your Android OS and bootloader. Also how you can install third party apks and apps while apple doesn’t unless you jailbreak it.

    1. Post
  94. I do not hate Apple or think they have bad products, but I do think they are over priced and most the people commenting against android are spoiled 12 year olds who have their parents buy their phones, or they bought an apple phone because it was more popular INSTEAD of going out and searching all the phones and comparing how good they were, because if you do tha, I can garauntee that you will end up with an android as the best one. Apple is very good, and that is why it is popular, but if you search harder and compare then you can find an even better android.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi George! Thanks for the comment. What are you wondering about the Google Pixel? I haven’t played around with one yet, but I have several friends who own one. They seem to love them!

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  96. IPhone is better than android did you not know that Samsung and androids has lag issues while iPhone doesn’t lack that much I played Minecraft with my friend and used android she my friend uses iPhone and he spawned so many mobs and my android lags so bad while his iPhone did not lag at all and one thing of android users maybe you just lack money to buy iPhone and then hate iPhone cause you can’t buy it and pretending that android is better but in you you actually like iPhone (BTW I’m not a hater

  97. iPhones might be considered easier to use because there is just the one button (and NONE with latest iPhone), whereas the 3 Android buttons require a learning curve, and those 3 buttons sometimes are along different sides of the device so you have to LOOK for them! Ahh! Android is for geeks, who like to tinker with settings and options AND IS AN END IN ITSELF but which create an entire dimension of pointless complexity that doesn’t exist with iPhones, which makes iPhones inherently more appealing to younger and older users in particular, technophobes, and to everyone else.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, Steve! I disagree that the “buttons” on an Android phone make an Android phone harder to use. The buttons don’t really do a whole lot anyway… the ones on my Galaxy S7 Edge are a Home button (which every iPhone has except for the iPhone X now), a side button to wake/sleep the screen and turn on/off the phone, and also volume buttons. That’s it. I believe you just have a lot more customization options and can do more things with Android software compared to iOS. iOS is built for simplicity and user friendliness which is always appealing to many people. So I would say that it’s the software that makes an Android phone “complex” if that’s what you want to call it.. and doesn’t have anything to do with the physical buttons on the phone.

  98. Elijah, I think many rational people would 100% disagree with YOUR comments. How could you convince yourself that your iPhone is more personal, when it’s the same stuff you bought off the shelf? And why compare a $1000 iPhone quality to a cheap $50 Android sold on eBay, while there is Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nexus, Pixel and even Nokia? It’s not logical. You’re a good example of an iFan, and it should be flattered.

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