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The Dress Debate Best Responses

You’ve heard all about it – like wildfire, the “What Color is This Dress” debate has raced through social media tearing friendships apart and making people question the sanity of others. All of this because of this poorly lit photo of a dress:

What Color is the Dress
What color is the dress?

Regardless of the color of the dress, social media didn't slack in coming up with some pretty comical responses.

Below are 10 of the best responses to the "What Color is This Dress" debate:

1. If Helen Keller says the dress is black, the dress is black.

2. The perfect bank robbing attire.

Dress Debate Amazon Review

3. Sickest Jordan's Ever

4. Where does "ugly" land on the rainbow?

5. It was the Illuminati all along...

6. Lion King did it first.

7. The Pontiff wears black and blue.

8. Adam Sandler's take on the situation...

What Color is This Dress Meme

9. That poor kid from the Superbowl...

10. My news feed summed up in one day.

So there you have it! Social media's take on the whole "What Color is This Dress" debate. How about you? Are you team #whiteandgold or #blackandblue? Or something else? Post your favorite responses in the comments below!

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