Why Android is Better Than iPhone

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

Why Android is Better Than iPhone

Recently Updated!
This article was just recently updated with new information on March 12, 2018 after the release of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

*Want to skip the intro? Scroll down to see my 10 reasons why an Android phone is better than an iPhone!

Recently, there have been releases/announcements of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9/S9+, Google Pixel 2, LG G6, HTC 10, and many other phones. Each release of a phone is like a single Mentos being dropped into a 2-liter of Coke -- a new explosion of debate that overwhelms the social network about who has the "best" phone. Android! No, iOS! Galaxy S9! No, iPhone X! The debate goes on and on. Are Android phones or iPhones better? Read on to find out why an Android phone is better than an iPhone.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I want to say this. I am not an "Apple hater", and never have been. I currently own an Android phone (a Galaxy S7 Edge), I have a Windows based desktop at both work and home, I own a Macbook Pro, a Windows laptop, and I have an iPad Pro at work. I prefer to "coexist" when it comes to all the operating systems and devices out there, and I use what fits my needs as everyone should. So, before any iFans come in here looking to heckle this article, please don't. I love my Macbook Pro and the iPad I use at work. I just believe that an Android phone is better than an iPhone, and I'll state my reasons why.

*deep breath* Okay, that's done. Now, the reason why I am writing this article is because of some of the articles I have seen shared around the social media sites. For example, an article titled 5 reasons iPhone still beats Android on The Daily Dot. Perhaps you've read it already because it was shared over 273,000 times a few years ago when I first wrote this article.

I personally believe the 5 reasons listed in the article as to why the iPhone still beats Android are pathetic at best, and don't focus on hardware at all which is, well, extremely important considering your entire phone IS hardware without taking into account what software is running on the phone. The article's 5 reasons focus on consistency, the Apple App Store, malware in the marketplace, "crapware", and home base. You can read more details about each reason in the article. All the reasons are software based or have to deal with items pertaining to how Apple does things. Not convincing at all.

Now, my turn to tell you 10 reasons why an Android phone is better than an iPhone:

1. Choices, choices, and more choices...

When you choose an Android phone, you have what seems like an endless amount of choices for phones. Do you want a phone that does everything phones normally do along with taking extremely good pictures? Buy a phone whose main focus is the camera. Do you want a rugged phone that could withstand being dropped many times? Do you want a phone that has a 4K resolution screen rather than a 720-1080p screen? Do you want a phone with a smaller or bigger form factor? Android phones cover all this plus so much more. That's the beauty of Android phones -- you can get the one that fits you.

With an iPhone, well, it's just an iPhone. Whatever it has in it is what you get. Sure you might get 2 or 3 options for a smaller or bigger phone that have slightly different hardware but that's it. The camera, screen, internal hardware, etc. is going to be the same on a model to model basis. For example, you can't buy an iPhone that has a high megapixel camera like Android users can with the Sony Xperia Z5.

2. Customization

My favorite part about Android phones -- customization. If you enjoy being able to customize your phone, then Android is absolutely the way to go. Don't like the standard keyboard that Android comes with? Easy! Just download a third-party keyboard app that replaces the stock one. Don't like the entire launcher that runs your phone? Download a new launcher. Want to make your phone have a layout exactly like a Windows phone? Yep, you can do that, too.

Where has this been with iOS? Well, Apple likes to keep things simple and user-friendly which is fine. Why then, with the release of each iOS version, does Apple copy many things that Android has had for a long time now?

"If you want a phone with all the latest features from 2 years ago, buy an iPhone."

Predictive text on your messages, a health app, third-party keyboards, Swype texting, cloud storage for all your photos, widgets, and more. Android (thanks to Google) had all of these features long before Apple released them with new iOS versions. After all, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". It's safe to say that the majority of the latest and greatest software features can be found with Android and Apple is always behind. Android wins.

3. Hardware

I believe that the hardware category really solidifies the debate between Android and Apple. People can argue all day about what software (operating system) is better for this reason or that, but you can't argue better and faster hardware for a cheaper price.

For simplicity's sake, I am only going to focus on two phones for this category: the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ since they are the current flagship phones for both Apple and Samsung. Keep in mind the Galaxy S9+ was released in March of 2018, and the iPhone X was released in November of 2017 which means the Galaxy S9+ is 4 months newer. In the table below, you will see both phones listed along with their hardware specs:

Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S9+
Operating system iOS 11 Android 8.0 (Oreo)
Processor Apple A11 Bionic Chip Octa-core 2.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Screen size 5.8 in 6.2 in
Screen resolution 2436 x 1125 2960 x 1440
Pixel density 459ppi 531ppi
Screen type OLED AMOLED
Rear camera, video 12 megapixels; f/1.8; 4K HD video 12 megapixels; f/1.5-2.4; 4K HD video
Front-facing camera 7 megapixels 8 megapixels
Storage Expansion N/A Up to 400GB
Size 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm
Weight 6.14 oz (174g) 6.67 oz (189g)
Battery capacity 2,716 mAh 3,500 mAh
Removable battery No No
Water-resistant Yes, IP 67 Yes, IP 68
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
3.5mm Jack (Aux) No Yes

As you can see from the spec comparison, the Galaxy S9+ is superior to the iPhone X. The Galaxy S9+ boasts some impressive specs, and not to mention how good it looks. The Galaxy S9+ has significant increases in camera quality over previous Galaxy models including variable aperture (how much light is let into the sensor when you're taking pictures) which helps greatly in low-light situations. With specs such as an octa-core processor, double the RAM of the iPhone X, nearly 30% more battery capacity, a higher PPI, the phone being more water-resistant, and the fact it has both a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, it should be a no-brainer that the Galaxy S9+ is the clear winner when it comes to hardware.

In fact, check out my phone comparisons from previous years: Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3 vs HTC One (M8) spec comparison - You'll see that the iPhone 6 doesn't win a single category other than the "Dimensions/Weight" category with being 1 mm thinner and 0.45 oz lighter than the Galaxy S5.

You can also check out my latest phone spec comparison that I wrote in September of 2015: Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 vs HTC One (M9)

4. The Google Play™ Store

Android Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is fantastic. It is well laid out, extremely user-friendly, and offers about any type of app that you can think of. Their latest layout change to a very nice UI when you click on an app in the Play Store (that you can see with the right-most "Instagram" picture above) is beautiful. It's easy to read, they show the users what they want to see, and it's visually appealing. I have used both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store quite a bit. Apple just recently updated their App Store with iOS 11. They're both very good app stores -- better than Amazon's App Store that's for sure.

That's not where the advantage comes in for Android, however. The advantage here is that submitting an app to the Google Play Store is much easier than going through the Apple App Store. Yes, that is because Apple goes through a tedious process of checking your app that you are submitting to make sure it follows their guidelines. This may prevent malware from being downloaded via an app, but that's not even half of it. Apple will deny your app from getting into the app store if you do something as silly as using their "chevron" symbol incorrectly. Trust me, I've seen it happen. So, no, it's not just about preventing malware... it's about making your app perfect in Apple's eyes.

On the other hand, it is much easier to submit your Android-built app to the Google Play Store. You don't have to go through half the stuff that you have to go through with Apple. This makes your life less stressful, and I like that. How many people do you actually know that have malware on their phone specifically from an app they downloaded from the app store? I don't know anyone. Besides, has common sense just flown out the window in this day and age? The Internet isn't filtered from malware, so do you go to a website that screams "THIS IS A VIRUS!"? No, it's just common sense. If there's an app that says "Hey! This is a virus, you should probably download it so I can hack you", do you download it? No. Just like if you're buying an item online, if you are debating about buying an item, do you buy the item that is rated 4.5/5 stars by 2,000 people or the item that is rated 1.5/5 stars by 700 people? Use common sense people, and bask in the glory of how easy it is to get your newly created Android app into the Google Play Store for everyone to see.

5. Widgets & Multitasking

Android Home Screen Custom Widgets

This somewhat ties in with the Customization section, but Widgets have long been a huge advantage of Android over iOS. With iOS 8, Apple finally just implemented "widgets", but they are pretty limited. You can only add them to your Notification Center. Apple opted not to have widgets available on any of your main home screens to "avoid clutter". Um, what? Having widgets on my Android home screens is one of my favorite things about Android.

Android offers all sorts of widgets that you can put onto your home screens. These widgets might be anything from a custom clock, weather, alarms, direct calls to contacts in your phone, flashlight, email, messages, and so much more. You can arrange these any which way on your home screens and have your home screens be exactly the way you want them.

Android Marshmallow Multitasking

Multitasking has also been around on Android for a while, and it's extremely easy to use. You simply open up the multitask window and you can drag two apps that you want to have going at the same time in the appropriate boxes (see the picture above). For example, I am watching a YouTube video while accessing my file system at the same. Perhaps you want to watch a lecture video while taking notes right below the video? Or, watch a video while texting your friends? Go for it.

**Note: Apple finally came out with the ability to multitask, however it is only somewhat useful on iPads, and not implemented very well. Since Android has had multitasking for so long and do it so well, they still take the cake over iOS.

6. Expandable Memory and More

The majority of Android phones offer expandable memory. That means you can pop open the back cover or a slot on the side of your phone and put in a micro SD card which then becomes added memory to your phone. What does Apple do? Well, they've never offered expandable memory for the iPhone. Instead, they would rather you pay another $100 to upgrade one of their devices from a 16 GB memory to a 32 GB or 64 GB (like an iPod for example). Are you serious? I took my Galaxy S7 Edge with 32 GB of internal memory and added another 64 GB micro SD card in it and voila! My phone now has 96 GB of capacity and how much did that cost me? $19 for the SD card. Android wins.

7. User Serviceable (Removable) Battery

Android Galaxy S5 Open Back

Not all, but many of the Android phones out there will have a removable battery that you yourself can take out and replace or service to your liking. After you use a phone a while, the battery will start to lose its original capacity. It's not a matter of if the battery life starts getting bad, it's a matter of when. It's just how batteries work. They go through enough charge cycles and then they can only hold a certain percentage of their original capacity.

So, say you've had an iPhone for a long time and it doesn't last long at all before it needs a charge. Well, too bad, you'll have to go to the Apple store or some store that can service it or you'll just have to live with it. If your Android phone has a removable battery, you can just hop on over to Amazon and buy a generic battery for your type of phone (around $20 usually) and pop it in. Then your phone's battery is like new again.

In fact, LG just announced a neat feature where you get a separate battery if you purchase the LG G5. If you run out of battery, all you have to do is push a switch and the entire battery and base comes out of the phone and you can replace it with your second fully charged battery and base. Easy user swappable features on phones - can't wait to see what comes next!

8. Universal Chargers

All hail micro USB chargers! They are the standard charger on tons of devices out there including Android phones. Left your charger at home and you're on vacation or something? Have no fear, chances are someone has a micro USB charger for some device of theirs which will charge your phone up just fine.

What does Apple have? Well, they decided it would be cool to be different and have these "lightning" cables. Not only are these different and only usable for Apple devices, but they changed to the "lightning" cable from the old 30-pin charger that charges older iPhones and iPads. So, now you have to go and buy their new "updated" charger if you want to charge your new Apple device because that 30-pin charger sure won't fit! Why?! Why would Apple do this? Oh, because it means they'll make a fortune selling chargers because they're so specific to their devices and with their shoddy quality (I'm on my 4th Macbook Pro charger and 3rd iPad charger), you'll just have to keep buying and buying. They love it!

I've been using the same micro USB charger for my Samsung phones for over 2 years now with no problems. Can't say the same for my Apple chargers. Want to debate the shoddy quality of all of Apple's chargers? Well, have a look for yourself at the reviews:

The three main chargers for iPads, iPhones, and Macbook Pros. Rated an average of 1.5 out of 5 stars by 2,000+ people. I've never seen ratings so low on products coming from a company that focuses so much on their quality. Not to mention, they charge $19 for the 1m Lightning to USB, $29 for the 2m Lightning to USB, and $79 for the MagSafe 2 charger. It's thievery.

9. Durability

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

This is more specifically aimed at the Galaxy Note 3 vs. the iPhone 6 Plus debate that went on a few years ago. Since there are so many Android phones out there, there's no way to measure the durability of all Android phones. Some are made with durable materials, others aren't. However, Samsung especially got a lot of heat for making their phones (Galaxy S5 for example) out of polycarbonate (tough plastic) rather than aluminum like the iPhone and some other phones. The Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge now are made out of durable aluminum with glass fronts and backs. Samsung and other companies have really stepped up when it comes to the materials they make their phones out of.

Take the bend tests that were done a couple years ago on an iPhone 6 Plus and a Galaxy Note 3. Haven't seen them? Check out the links below:

With the iPhone 6 Plus being such a large piece of aluminum, it's no wonder it bends and stays bent. Plastic doesn't do that. You can try bending it out of shape, but it will retain its original shape rather than staying bent.

Besides, how many of you use a case on your phone? I'm assuming quite a few. I always have a case on my phone. What are cases made out of? Plastic. So the haters of the Galaxy S5 and other polycarbonate phones can hate on plastic all you want, but it's proven tough!

Lastly, the Galaxy S5 I used to own never bent and stayed bent when I kept it in my pocket for a long period of time. Just sayin'.

10. Other Features

This section refers to other features that certain Android phones offer that iPhones don't... until the iPhone 7. They are like the "cherry on top" of all of the other features listed. For example, certain Android phones have some or all of the following features:

  • Water and dust resistant - Update: The iPhone 7 now is water/dust resistant (2 years after Android had it), but is only IP67 certified. The Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified which is better.
  • Wireless/fast charging - Update: The iPhone X now has the ability to be wirelessly charged - several years after Android had it.
  • IR (infrared) blaster to control devices
  • Haptic feedback - Update: The iPhone 7 now has haptic feedback - 2 years after Android had it.
  • Ability to access all your files by using your phone as a mass storage device
  • And more...

Like I said, not all Android phones have all these things (some have just a few or none), but the Galaxy S8 has all of the things mentioned (except the IR blaster). The iPhone 7 was the only iPhone to have had any of those things mentioned to this date when it was released. The Galaxy S5 had all these things several years ago...


All in all, both Android phones and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages. I could write an article about some iPhone advantages over an Android phone as well, but the Android advantages way overpower the advantages that you get with an iPhone in my opinion. If you enjoy the advantages listed in this article such as having an abundance of phone choices, customization, better hardware, and expandable memory just to name a few, go with an Android phone. If you enjoy a simple, more user-friendly interface for someone who may not be as technical and don't like having a bunch of customization options, go with an iPhone. Just know that you aren't getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Samsung, LG, Sony, and other major companies have started to outdo Apple, especially in the hardware department, and Apple has some catching up to do if they hope to keep competing with other flagship phones. The best part is, all of these companies coming out with great phones constantly heats up the competition, and competition is great for us consumers. Competition is what brings us these cutting-edge technologies, phones, operating systems, and prices at such a fast pace.

With the market share of Apple phones at 23.10% in 2016, while continuing to go downhill consistently, it's starting to tell you something. Android is the way to go.

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  1. Motorola droid>s3> note 3> note 4, Samsung 10 tab…big Android fan! The Swype keyboard is a must. I’ve gotten so used to it I can barely tap type any more. I’m a note taker but I lose all those bits of paper, never my phone. I also love how I can view, edit, share excel sheets on my phone & switch between pc very easily. Doodling & drawing on my Android tablet is great as well. God bless wacom. Back button is great too. I’ve used friends’ iPhones & forever try to use the non-existent back button. One feature of iPhones that I found interesting was the ability to make calls over WiFi. I travel a lot & there’s places in PA where service is just unavailable & I asked how the locals deal w/ it I was told that iPhone users can make calls that way, no extra app needed or anything (at least that’s how it was explained to me). Is this a real thing? Thanks for the article.

    1. Post

      Wi-Fi calling has been a thing for some time now. I haven’t ever used it, but I know there are some phone companies out there that offer it for both Android and iPhones. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  2. It was a great article the most annoying thing iphone users come up with is “It just works” Android you can make your phone as simple or technical as you wish. I use Nova Launcher on my LG G4 but have the option of going back to the basic LG Home and Easy Home interfaces, a removeable battery and have just purchased a 128gb SD card for ยฃ22
    And as for security didn’t a Russian scientist at Cambridge crack the iPhone 7 for about ยฃ80 ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Post

      I absolutely love the Nova Launcher! Yes, I agree it’s very nice to be able to switch to whichever launcher you want very quickly. Removeable battery is always great, along with expandable memory ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the comment Gordon!

  3. With windows phone dying I have to pick an android or iPhone. That’s how I ended up here. Without a doubt windows interface since windows 8 is better than both android or iPhone. Windows phone failed for different reasons.

    I looked at android phones a couple years ago. It sucked. I only saw a cluttered screen with every possible color in the world jammed in the home screen. I used briefly a couple android tablets. Felt like junk. IPhone I used superficially. Interface was better than android.

    This article’s first reason is choices, choices and choices. And that reason itself killed android from my list. Who said too many choices is a good thing. Every choice is a set of varied parameters that needs to be weighed in before making a decision. A single choice that has been used, tested and established by a large number of user base over years seems like a better deal to me. IPhone did that. People don’t grow fans out of thin air. There has to be stuff backing it.

    Hardware is always ahead of software in recent years. Meaning software doesn’t utilize full potential of hardware in most cases and hardware remains unutilized. So powerful hardware isn’t a lucrative thing in phones. Software that works consistently, gets updated frequently and has clean user interface is all that matters.

    I am yet to test both phones but I am leaning towards IPhone. And I have never used an apple or android product ever. Only DOS and windows since 1992.

    1. Post

      To each their own – but thanks for your insight! I have not been overly impressed with Android tablets – however I haven’t used one in the past 2 years so I don’t know how far they’ve come. I do use an iPad at work and really enjoy it.

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  5. The iphone is not user friendly. There is no provision for exporting your contacts to a cvs file or to microsoft outlook. I needed to send bulk sms to my contacts about a recent death in my family but couldn’t find a way to do so without doing it manually from my iphone 6.

  6. Man that was a lot of reading! I have read this amazing detailed article and all of its comments. The way you completely demolished any negative or misinformed person on the matter I say Sir was very entertaining! The way you cut them down to size with facts was awesome!

    I currently own an IPhone 6 Plus and have owned the 2g, 3gs, and the 4s. Literally have always owned an iPhone. Most of the time for tweaking purposes have been jail broken. However in the recent years it has been getting harder to do and seeming pointless to do so. The jailbreak community isn’t what it used to be. Tweaks are getting harder to get, coders have left, and updates very rarely come up etc. I mention this because most of the tweaks are ones easily obtain on an android without a Jailbreak so why fight when you don’t have too. I’m just so torn I own a iPhone leaning towards an android after reading this article and I’m unsure what to do.

    My wife and I are in the market for new phones just can’t make up my mind on which route to take. Here are my worries.

    Will it be as quick and as fluent as my iPhone? If so would it be a big difference?

    What’s the game community like on the google play store? Any better than the App Store?

    Do games run slower?

    How often does the newer androids crash or over heat?

    I really do appreciate this very informative article. Just wish it would help me decide on whether I stay iPhone user or try something new and go android thx! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Post

      Hi Matt!

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can. If you take the latest iPhone (the iPhone 7) and the latest flagship Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, etc), real-world tests will show some differences between the phones, yes. However, in regular day-to-day use of the phones, it’s something that I personally don’t think you’d notice. Now, if you got an under-powered Android phone that didn’t have very high specs, it would be noticeably slower, yes. But there are so many good flagship Android phones out there right now, you can’t go wrong really.

      I honestly can’t comment on how the game communities vary between the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – I haven’t really played too many games on my Android. I’m sure games would all run just fine. I have just seen that some games can LOAD a bit slower initially, but I don’t think the game itself would run slow as long as the processor/graphics in the phone can run the game.

      I personally have never had an Android phone of mine overheat, and have never had any major problems with the flagship Android phones I’ve owned.

      Hopefully that helps. If you have anymore questions, just let me know. Thanks!

  7. iphone users are not fools. I’ve owned nothing but android phones since I started using smartphones, though I can say I way prefer my ipod over my samsung. In my opinion Android is shit, no updates to software, unfriendly, or I should say unsatisfying user interface. The look and feel of android is kinda disgusting when compared to in my opinion a superior operating system which is iOS. Ios is beautiful in every way, and since it’s perfect, there really isn’t any need to customize the way the home screen looks and operates. The only thing people should really say android has that ios doesn’t is free will to download any file from the internet, which an iphone can also do the same thing, if you download a place to save it to like a file manager. There is no advantage by choosing android really, ios offers the same things and does a better job. Only thing android has going for it is budget cell phones that have poor hardware and a maximum of 8GB storage. Oh yea, also there is no option available that makes the system treat the SD card storage as System storage, so you can’t move apps over to SD entirely, just their data.

    1. Post

      I’m a bit confused by your comment, as you did nothing but bash on Android phones based on personal opionions and clearly have your mind made up on which platform you perform – yet you said you’ve owned nothing but Android phones since you started using smartphones. Why do you keep buying/owning Android phones if you hate everything about Android phones so much? If you think Apple’s user interface is beautiful and clearly the best, you obviously haven’t used a custom launcher like Nova launcher on an Android phone before. You said “iOS is beautiful in every way, and since it’s perfect, there really isn’t any need to customize the way the home screen looks and operates”. Different people have different opinions (as you made very clear with your own opinions), and some people might like to customize how their home screen looks to make it their own. Why not give users the option to customize it if they would like? That’s why Android’s customization options reign supreme. Your last line where you said “also there is no option available that makes the system treat the SD card storage as System storage, so you can’t move apps over to SD entirely, just their data” – that’s completely false. My current Galaxy S7 Edge, right when I set it up and put in an SD card, it asked if I would like to use the SD card as System storage. Make sure your points are valid before posting.

    Ok the MP is the size of the photo not the quality…..What about the aperture,ISO,Exposure,Low light Performance…..Android wins hands down.
    TAKE THE S7 FOR EXAMPLE. …IT HAS 12MP DUAL PIXEL SENSOR, THAT HAS A LIGHTNING FAST AUTO FOCUS AND AMAZING (BETTER THAT I7) LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE..NOT TO MENTION THE APERTURE 1.7 AGAINST THE 1.8 IN THE IPHONE EVEN THOUGH S7 IS HALF A YEAR OLD. Go search Youtube….. If u argue…. Talking about Processors, A9 is a beast, I agree but the Exynos 88xx and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is no Joke Either…. Qualcomm made the words first 5G Soc. Talking of that it’s way better than the latest A10 Fusion Chip…..It has gigabit class download Speed…And it’s the First Ever 10Nm Chip in the world…..So telling that Appe chips are better that their Android Counterpart seems like a joke.. (I know a lot about Soc’s)(The Soc I am talking about is announced but not released…It’s the Snapdragon835x…Will be available on the S8)…So Apple Used to Rock but Times change so do Companies…..

  9. There are many iSheeps here who would disagree with this article because they just can’t stand the fact that their NEW OVER-PRICED products can’t Stand up against Android for much..I honestly agree with it 100%

    1. Post
  10. Years ago I had an iPod and an iTunes account. IPod was stolen and I was told I could transfer my purchased music to my 7edge (Samsung). Is that possible??? Is there a similar Android app that has the variety of music that iTunes has currently???

    1. Post

      Hi Marc, I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing if you own that music that was in iTunes and you have access to those files, it could be ported over onto a Samsung device. I would just do a Google search, I’m sure there’s plenty out there for that! I actually use Spotify Premium for my music, so I don’t really “own” any music per se.

  11. Hi, I agree with most, but I am still thinking that in overall iphone is still better somehow. I always have had a samsung galaxy(twice a s2 and now a s5) and I want to upgrade, and I am seriously thinking about upgrading to an iphone 7. Although I see that on paper the Samsung is better my husband never has any problems with his iphone(had a 3g/4 and now 5s). I have (had) different problems with my phones, for example suddenly not able to open pictures or videos that I have taken with my phone(never figured that one out ) or my screen fluckering when low battery and low screen levels(which I thought was fixed but is not) and other things I can’t remember, and some games are not even possible to play on other devices than apple, like dragon story, farm story and the like which I can play on my ipad mini or my husbands iphone 5s. The thing is my husband never has any of these problems which you do get with android(and a better privacy protection with apple)But it is a difficult choice as I do like the google store and other options.

  12. I have used both iphones and Androids. Both have their own advantages and Disadvantages. But in many ways Android rules. I used a Samsung S3 before. I own a iphone SE now and want to switch back to Samsung. Thinking of getting a Samsung S7 Edge. I hope Samsung is going to launch S8 soon. Do you think S8 is a worthy upgrade to S7?

    Great article. Cheers:)

    1. Post

      The Samsung S8 is out! It definitely has a lot of nice upgrades over the S7 ๐Ÿ™‚ Up to you! Due to my contract with my cell provider, I am planning to wait for the S9 to upgrade from my S7. Can’t wait!

  13. First of all apple has apple pay.NOW android just started samsung pay/android pay.
    Apple is really a better product they make macbooks (Laptop)
    The phones are also alot thinner I have android but am moving on to a apple

  14. Hi,i’m iPhone User had iPhone 4 owned 5 now have iPhone 6+,i’m really satisfied with iOS but Apple is not anymore being the best as it should have been,For Example Samsung S8/S8+ the best feature i admire alot is the Irish Scanner i mean how the F**K did Samsung do that,Thats IMPROVEMENT,where as apple on iPhone 7 had made it water resistant & dust proof whoa THATS IMPROVEMENT,I dont care about the benchmarks or processor,Both iOS & Android are trying their best for best resolution speed & ect….We need new technologies & i give that to Samsung even though im Apple Fan
    No Steve Job = iPhone Fails :/
    Apple User its time to accept the fact that Android is ahead of Apple,no matter how much u argue……

    Btw nice topics & point u wrote agreed with wt even u just mentioned above keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Post
  15. I totally disagree with this. A couple of years ago i used to buy android phones but whenever i filled the memory or RAM the phones stucks damn so much that i have to pull out the battery and re-insert. ( I am not talking about too old android phones i experience this in s5 and note 3) the Samsung’s most sold devices. Anyways an iPhone is mch better than a creepy android phone. The main problem with android is it keep uses the device storage by itself and keeps the misc files which i never copied or downloaded. And the background apps keep using ram idk why is 4gb of ram in a phone. I mean where is that 4gb of ram is using? Uuff.. i have 100,000 text messages in my iPhone 6 (not 7), 50000+ pictures,and i use it all the day but it never lags or hangs i never have to restart it. Apple can do anything. I feel safe with iPhone, i know my data is backedup itunes icloud. Where android has only customizations nothiny else. A specs like more than a gaming pc but nothing. I bet you guys if its Samsung galaxy s8 plus i copy my all msgs the messages app will not open (i have tested this with s7edge)
    Sooo… iPhone hats off to you.

    1. Post

      Why in the world do you have 100,000 text messages and 50,000+ pictures on a phone?? Have you heard of cloud storage? Put it on the cloud and get it off your phone, that’s craziness. Also, having that many text messages and pictures on your phone has nothing to do with RAM, it affects your physical internal memory. Also, Android phones offer all sorts of cloud storage just like iCloud, so there’s no advantage for Apple there.

  16. iPhone still kills in this area. I agree. That was by far the worst argument. For years Android devices have had better technical hardware, but because of the less fragmentation, or variety, is why iPhones have always been the fastest. I don’t see it changing soon either.

    1. Post

      Or maybe the fact that a phone like the Samsung S7 has a Quad HD screen and the GPU has to push 2-4x more pixels than other iPhones which uses up a lot of the phone’s resources. There are so many factors that go into how fast or slow a phone runs rather than just internal hardware. Also, multi-threaded actions on an Android phone blow iPhones out of the water. iPhones are just good at pushing single-threaded tasks quicker. Appreciate the comment!

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  18. As an Apple user myself, I strongly agree with some of the points you make, but I still don’t think the pros about Apple are included in this. The iPhone got a fingerprint scanner on the 5s, the the next Samsung got one. The famous, “Shot on iPhone” was shortly taken by Samsung as “Captued on Galaxy __” 3-D Touch is a amazing feature on the iPhone that is almost like magic. Apple also does not have some extreme commercials that directly aim at Thebes competition. This has happened less, but in old ones, they are so common that there are sometimes errors. For example, a Galaxy Tab commercial compared it to the iPad Air, when, if you looked closer, it was actually an iPad 3rd or 4th generation.
    Again, some of these facts are very true and helpful, but maybe acknowledging the other side could help people understand more.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your insight, Aidan! I actually hope to create an article in the future highlighting the advantages of iPhones over Android phones. Hopefully an article like that would help people understand both sides better!

  19. I agree I have many phone a two iPhone cause one broke so only one now but I have androids to and I have more androids over apple why bigger more choices and bigger selections on cases and phone layout I totally agree battery life is equal but I love all my devices but android most likely is the best cause there just more choices

    1. Post
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  21. First of all I would like to ask why you are comparing apples with bananas ( iPhones vs Andriod) Andriod is software, apples iPhones are… well …hardware. So if you wish to compare iOS vs Andriod be my guest. Furthermore the comparison should be labeled apple vs everything else. As you refer to multiple devices that uses the android OS. Don’t use simple minded logical that “bigger” is “better”. Just cause a car has a 6ltr engine won’t necessarily mean it’s faster than a 3ltr (C63 AMG va M3) Don’t fool people … be factual with your articles. Apple does more with its hardware overall as opposed to specialized areas like android devices, App Store? Please google play is a joke with most of its apps requesting unnecessary rights to your info and bombard you with ads. With freedom comes a price, your data. All I see from this article is where you assume its better based by the pamphlet you read. How informed are you with this article exactly?

    1. Post

      Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. First of all, if you read the title of the blog post, I’m comparing Android-powered phones vs. iPhones which are both… hardware. Last time I checked, as a blog owner, I’m able to title a blog post whatever I please. If you read about any benchmark tests in the real world, you’ll see that Android-powered phones (more specifically a flagship phone from Samsung like the Galaxy S8, for example) easily beat iPhones in speed tests for multi-threaded tasks. Those are tasks the phone runs that uses multiple cores of the phone’s CPU. iPhones do generally perform better with single-threaded tasks, but there is hardly a noticeable difference in the real world unless you’re running all sorts of intensive tasks one after another which isn’t how users use phones. There are other things to keep in mind, though, such as the fact that a phone like the Galaxy S8 has a Quad HD screen and the GPU of the phone has to push 4x the amount of pixels than an iPhone would, which naturally slows the phone down more. However, users also get one of the most beautiful screens on the market with their phone, so there are always trade-offs here and there.

      I’m confused about what part of my article isn’t “factual”? Just because you have an opinion one way doesn’t make something not factual. Also, have you ever developed an Android app before? If you haven’t (which I’m guessing you clearly have not), you’ll figure out real quick that you have to request certain permissions in the code you’re writing for the app in order to gain access to certain pieces of the phone. Android apps from the Google Play Store request the same exact type of permissions as an Apple App Store app would. None of it is “unnecessary” as you claimed. I know both Android apps and iOS apps that bombard you with ads… that’s the choice of the developer of the app and has literally nothing to do with Android vs iOS.

      How informed are you with your response exactly?

  22. I have to agree that iPhones are easier to use. I use iPhones on the past. Nevertheless, my last 3 phones use the Android operating system, Why did I change. Because as a human being, I like to have choices, not someone telling me what I can or can’t do, or trying to collect money from me everytime that I want to do something. Being an Apple user in the past, left me with a bad perception of a good product in the hands of a company trying to make a killing on the end user. That’s the main reason, I prefer to give my business to the underdog, feeling free to make my own choices, good or bad. Thanks for all your good comments.

  23. You forgot rooting vs.
    jailbreaking and how you can completely change your Android OS and bootloader. Also how you can install third party apks and apps while apple doesn’t unless you jailbreak it.

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  24. I do not hate Apple or think they have bad products, but I do think they are over priced and most the people commenting against android are spoiled 12 year olds who have their parents buy their phones, or they bought an apple phone because it was more popular INSTEAD of going out and searching all the phones and comparing how good they were, because if you do tha, I can garauntee that you will end up with an android as the best one. Apple is very good, and that is why it is popular, but if you search harder and compare then you can find an even better android.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi George! Thanks for the comment. What are you wondering about the Google Pixel? I haven’t played around with one yet, but I have several friends who own one. They seem to love them!

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  26. IPhone is better than android did you not know that Samsung and androids has lag issues while iPhone doesn’t lack that much I played Minecraft with my friend and used android she my friend uses iPhone and he spawned so many mobs and my android lags so bad while his iPhone did not lag at all and one thing of android users maybe you just lack money to buy iPhone and then hate iPhone cause you can’t buy it and pretending that android is better but in you you actually like iPhone (BTW I’m not a hater

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