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Fun Outdoor Yard Games

The spring and summer months have arrived! What does this mean? Parties, fun yard games, and other outdoor activities! Get excited. Whether you will be hosting a graduation party, birthday party, a cookout, a bonfire, or anything of the sort during these warm months, it’s good to be armed with some fun yard games and activities to keep both yourself and your hosts entertained. Luckily, entertainment doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

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Check out the list below of outdoor yard games and activities for parties and other entertainment:

1. Aerobie Frisbee

This is probably my personal favorite activity to do in the summer – Frisbee! However, this isn’t your average Frisbee. This thing will FLY! I’m serious.

If you don’t have a lot of room to throw this, I would maybe suggest a more general Frisbee. This thing will cut through the air like butter and can fly the length of a football field fairly easily if you throw it hard enough.

It’s perfect for shorter distances as well, but just don’t put too much power behind it! For how much fun you’ll have with this disc, the Aerobie Frisbee is a steal. Everyone should have one of these (or 2 just in case… I speak from experience).

2. Kan Jam

Kan Jam is one of my favorite yard games to play. It is so simple, yet so fun! 4 players. 2 teams. 2 “goals”. 1 disc.

The goals (which look like a welder’s helmet) are placed 50 feet apart. They each have a slot in the front and are completely open on the top.

Throw the disc towards the opposite goal where your partner stands. Hit the goal yourself: 2 points. Have your partner deflect the disc and hit the goal: 1 point. Have your partner slam the disc into the goal: 3 points. Make the disc into the slot in the front without your partner’s help: INSTANT WIN!

Take turns.

First to 21 wins and so on and so forth. To read up on more detailed instructions, check out How to Play Kan Jam. A simple, yet fun and intense yard game that is sure to strengthen or ruin friendships šŸ™‚

3. Cornhole (Bean Bags)

Everyone should know what Cornhole (or Bean Bags) is! Classic. Perfect to break out for summer graduation parties or any type of get together for that matter!

I’ve heard so many variations of rules for this game, however, that I lose track of what the true rules are.

If you’re in the same boat, check out the Official Cornhole Rules.

A brand new set of Cornhole (Bean Bags) usually runs around $50-100 for a nice set.

Pick up a set yourself and spruce your summer parties up!

4. Ladder Ball (Ladder Golf)

Ladder Ball (AKA Ladder Golf) is a unique, exciting, and fun yard game that can be played just about anywhere that there is a flat surface outside.

It is played with 2 or more players or teams. Each player gets 3 golf ball bolas. These bolas are two golf balls attached by a nylon rope. Toss the bolas towards the ladder and try to hook them on one of the “steps” of the ladder.

Depending on where you land it, you get points. Similarly to Kan Jam or Cornhole, players typically play to 21 points.

You can read up on the Official Ladder Golf Rules if you want to know more. I’ve played this game several times, and have a blast every time. I’ve also seen some pretty crazy ways to throw the bolas… find which way works best for you!

5. Dodgeball

Who doesn’t love a good game of Dodgeball? Pick up a set of dodgeballs, create a makeshift line in the middle of your yard, and you’re off!

Also, these aren’t small kickballs, so they won’t hurt if you get drilled in the face by one. Just sayin’…. that may have happened a time or two to me in gym class back when I was a kid…

6. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is pretty self-explanatory. Toss the rings at the target poles and see if you can hook one! Each pole has a point value, and the first to 100 points wins (or whatever you want to play to)!

This can be played outdoors as a yard game or indoors.

For under $20, why not pick one up? This will keep adults and kids at any age entertained for a long time if you’re throwing a party!

7. Giant Backyard Jenga

You have most likely played Jenga, but have you played GIANT Jenga?

The blocks are much larger, which makes this a lot more fun to play especially for adults and would be a perfect yard game to play during a party!

All you would need is a card table or some other large flat surface to place the tower on, and you’re good to go!

Also, make sure to get out of the way when this tower falls. These aren’t your dinky little wood blocks…

8. Giant Backyard Yahtzee

Similarly to GIANT Jenga, have you ever played GIANT Yahtzee? It’s the same exact concept as the original Yahtzee, but the dice have gotten bigger! This means you can move this game from your kitchen table to the backyard!

Pick up a pack of Yahtzee scorecards if you don’t already have some so that you can score your matches, then let the fun begin!

This can be one of many fun yard games going on at a time, plus you’ll have everyone gawking over the fact you own giant wooden dice. The wooden yard dice set actually comes with 6 die and Yahtzee only requires 5 die. So, you could potentially come up with other creative games to play with 6 die!

9. Backyard Bocce Ball

Backyard Bocce Ball is yet another fun yard game to play in the spring or summer and is perfect for most backyards.

In a very generic explanation, one of the teams throws the little white ball out into the yard. Each team member then stands behind a line and throws their team-colored ball out into the yard.

After everyone has thrown, the person with their team ball closest to the white ball gets points. It’s extremely simple, but a surprisingly fun yard game!

If you want a more detailed rundown of the rules, check out the Official Bocce Ball Rules.

Other fun yard games for parties to check out:

That’s my list of fun outdoor yard games for graduation parties and more! I know there are a ton of yard games you can play, but I wanted to keep my list fairly short so as to not overwhelm people. Are there any yard games that you love playing? Leave a comment below and let people know!

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