Jake Crambler Picture

Hi there! My name is Jake, and I am the voice behind Crambler. I created this blog for people like me who are curious about any and everything and, as such, this blog will also be about any and everything. Shaped largely by my computer science background, musicianship, experience with WordPress, and my general curiosity about the world, I am taking the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my lifetime and sharing it with you all.

I graduated college with a degree in computer science, and I now work as a Software Test Engineer for a software company in Indiana. My passion for music started when I was 15 years old and was handed my dad’s electric and acoustic guitars that he never played anymore. For Christmas, I was given a little practice amp and took off from there. I’ve now been playing guitar and singing for 14+ years, and have performed many places around the Midwest along with playing a number of weddings.

I always have a million different ideas running through my mind which is the main reason I decided to start blogging. A normal week for me consists mainly of work, playing guitar, and spending time online whether it be reading news articles, reading up on the latest technologies, or scouring Amazon/eBay to decide what the next toy I’m going to buy is.

Thanks for stopping by!