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Best Streaming Accessories For Gaming

If you’ve come here looking for the best streaming accessories to begin your gaming career, you’ve come to the right place. You might be asking yourself, “What equipment do I need for streaming?” or “How can I become a streamer?” Before you begin your game streaming, you’re going to need the best streaming accessories.

Live streaming has become one of the most popular online activities in the world for gamers. Streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook bring in millions of daily viewers. With many streamers trying to make it big, it’s important to have a high-quality stream to stand out from the rest. Continue reading below for a list of must-have streaming accessories that will help improve your game stream quality and productivity.

Here is the list of the 5 best streaming accessories for gaming:

1. Microphone

AT2020USB Microphone

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I have viewed countless streams that could’ve been drastically improved with a better microphone (or a microphone at all). If you want viewers to stick around and watch your stream for hours, audio quality is extremely important. As a streamer, it’s important to engage with your audience, read the chat, and respond to questions. Viewers of a stream also love to see and hear your reactions. If you are using a webcam microphone, a cheap headset, or a microphone built into your laptop or desktop, it’s time to upgrade. The price of a new mic can range from cheap to very expensive, but there are great options for anyone’s budget.

Budget option:

While there are definitely cheaper options out there, the Blue Snowball microphone is amazing for the price. It is the first microphone I purchased when I started streaming and I loved how easy it was to set up. The Blue microphone brand is known for making high-quality equipment, so you can be confident that it will meet your needs when it comes to build and sound quality. The Blue Snowball comes with a little tripod stand that you can easily set on a desk or table and it connects to your laptop or PC via USB. Within a few minutes, you will be streaming with your new microphone and impressing your viewers with your clear voice.

Best option:

If you are willing to spend a little extra on incredible sound quality, the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ is your best option. It is sleek, small, and has top-notch build quality. It comes with a small tripod stand for setting up on a flat surface or it can easily be mounted on the Rode PSA 1 Boom Arm for maximum flexibility. I also recommend a cheap shock mount and windscreen for eliminating unwanted vibrations and audio pops. I currently use the AT2020USB+ as my all-purpose microphone and I couldn’t be happier with the overall quality and ease of use. This mic will take you to the professional level of audio quality that is perfect for live streaming, podcasts, and general voice chat for gaming.

2. Webcam

Logitech C920 Webcam

A webcam is obviously not required for streaming, but it will increase the chances of viewer engagement and average view duration which are both crucial to the success of your stream. While there are a few streamers who have gained a massive following without a webcam, almost all successful streamers use one. Viewers want to see your reactions and emotions, especially when playing viewer-submitted creations or horror games. Since webcams are so cheap and easy to set up, there’s no reason not to get one. It’s the easiest way to improve your stream next to getting a better microphone.

Best option:

For your money, there is no better option than the Logitech C920. It is the most widely used webcam in the world because it is a great price, easy to set up, and records video in full HD (1080p). It easily attaches to the top of your laptop or monitor and is very lightweight. Using Logitech’s gaming software, you can toggle auto-focus and easily adjust the brightness, contrast, zoom and other options. I have been using the Logitech C920 for a few years now and have never had issues with it. The video quality is always clear and it’s perfect to use for streaming or video chatting with friends.

3. Stream Deck

Elgato Stream Deck For Gaming

The Elgato Stream Deck is a fantastic piece of hardware. It is a device with 15 keys that each have a small LCD screen. Using Elgato’s software, you can map the keys to do pretty much anything. The buttons can be customized using the software to display any image or icon you want, making it easy to identify your custom actions at a glance. There are built-in functions that allow you to easily control OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, and many other programs. Even when you aren’t streaming, you can use the Stream Deck as a productivity tool to easily access your most used programs and perform helpful shortcuts or hotkeys. I personally use it every day to turn on lights, control music, open websites, and much more. I am much more productive using the Stream Deck and it helps eliminate repetitive tasks in my day-to-day work, photo/video editing, or streaming.

Budget option:

If you are on a budget, there is a Stream Deck Mini which has 6 keys. Don’t worry though, the possibilities are still endless thanks to folders. You can put as many actions as you want in folders within folders within folders. Since the Mini version is so small, it will easily fit on any desk or table without taking up much space. It is a great companion to put right next to your keyboard and has the power to do so much in such a little package.

Splurge option:

If you feel like going the extra mile, there is a 32 key version called the Stream Deck XL. It has all the benefits of the previous models, plus it has a magnetic stand and a removable USB-C cable. I personally upgraded to the XL version and the build quality is great. The magnetic stand has a good weight to it and it feels very sturdy. The removable cable is also a huge plus since it allows you to use a longer cable if your setup requires it. The cable on the standard Stream Deck is fairly short and thin, so it may not work for everyone. Having 32 keys may be overkill for some people, but if you’re a productivity wizard, it’s definitely worth the extra cost.

4. Capture Card

Elgato HD60 S Capture Card

Not all streamers need a capture card, but they are commonly used when streaming games from a console. A capture card allows you to record and stream gaming footage from a console onto a laptop or desktop computer. Some hardcore streamers actually use a capture card to stream footage from their gaming PC to a second PC used strictly for streaming. Whatever the case, capture cards are an awesome piece of hardware and nobody makes better capture cards than Elgato.

Budget option:

Although it’s still fairly expensive, the standard entry-level capture card is the Elgato HD60 S. It allows you to stream from any console (or PC) in full HD (1080p) at 60 FPS. This is such a commonly used option because it is an external capture card. External capture cards are easy to use, don’t require installation, and are a great option if you are streaming from a laptop.

Best option:

If you have a desktop computer, the best option is the Elgato HD60 Pro. In addition to recording and streaming high-quality footage, it has very low latency which means your viewers can watch you in almost real-time. The HD60 Pro internal capture card requires installation into a PCI slot which allows it to transmit footage to your computer almost instantly. This is also a great option if you don’t want to deal with extra cables and a capture card sitting on your desk or table. If you’re tired of lag from your old capture card, it’s definitely worth upgrading to the HD60 Pro.

5. Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen For Streaming

A green screen is a device that can help remove the unnecessary background from your webcam when recording videos or streaming games. If you’re looking into getting one yourself, the Elgato Green Screen is the best green screen on the market. It’s high quality, wrinkle-free, and can be set up in just a few seconds. Best of all, it stands up all on its own; no need to prop it up! When you’re finished using it, it easily rolls back up into the case and can be tucked away under a desk or bed. Using a green screen will allow your viewers to see more of the action and your stream will instantly look more professional. While there are many options for screen screens available for purchase, Elgato’s is the best in its class.


“Wait, conclusion?! But you didn’t even mention a gaming chair!” To be fair, gaming chairs ARE super important for streaming, but not all people are created equally. I personally love the DXRacer Racing Series chairs, but they might not work for everyone. When it comes to buying a chair, find one that is comfortable, supportive, and fits your budget.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my list of the 5 best streaming accessories for gaming. When all is said and done, your stream is YOUR stream. Use the chair, webcam, and microphone you are most comfortable with. I have personally used the items in this post and have had great success in doing so. If you have any questions or comments, leave a reply below. If you want, you can also check out my gaming channel on YouTube or Twitch!

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