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Send Text Message From Email

This is a cool little feature that has been around for a while, but I had always forgotten about it, and it just recently came up with a friend. So we tried it out and sure enough, it works perfectly!

Many people know about this trick in the back of their mind, but I rarely ever see it used. Say you don’t have access to your trusty phone that you need to have on you 24/8 because, well, that’s how society is today. Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text a few friends, set your phone down for a minute, then repeat the whole process. Heaven forbid you would have to go a short while without your phone, but say you did have to and you were just dying to text your friend, but you couldn’t because you dropped your phone in your drink over the weekend. Way to go. Instead of heckling your friends, parents, siblings, or dog for a phone to borrow, just hop on to your computer and bring up your email!

How to send a text message from email (your Gmail or another email service):

Once you have your email up, it’s very simple. Compose a new message. Then, in the To: field just type the person’s 10-digit phone number that you want to reach. Now, there’s just one more part. You have to add a certain piece onto the end of the phone number depending on who their carrier is.

For example, if the person you wanted to text has AT&T, you would make your To: line be the following: <10-digit-phone-number> — that’s it! Then, give your message a subject and write your content such as “OMG! I don’t have access to my phone and I was about to have a panic attack because I couldn’t text you for a full day, but just text me back on this and we’ll have a conversation through my email!”. There. All your worries are solved.

Now, what about other carriers you might ask? Well hop on over to and you are provided with a full list of carriers and the appropriate endings for each carrier.


How to Send a Text Message From Email

There you have it! You have learned how to send a text message through email to any phone no matter who their carrier is. Let me know if this helped you out or if you already use this on a regular basis in the comments. It’s a free, alternative way to text someone and all you need is an email address! Don’t have one of those for some reason? Hop on over to Gmail and create one — it takes only a minute.

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